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Arizona Vacation
a tale of reformatory discipline
By: R.G. Chilton

Published: Jun 24, 2016
Words: 22,476
Orientation: M/F
Category: reformatory, judicial
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Jack and Diane, a young married couple in their twenties, decide to take a very unusual vacation, and pay a visit to the Niles Brooke institute, a reformatory compound for women in the Arizona desert. Under the guise of evaluating the facility, couples get to watch as a number of the female inmates are first bound to a wooden block and then, helpless, are subjected to quite severe chastisements with a leather strap followed by several strokes of the cane. It's clear that the various couples who are there to 'evaluate' get very turned on by the proceedings, as many of them openly engage in sexual activity while watching the punishments take place.

But it isn't just the inmates who are eligible for punishment at the hands of the proprietors - the names of women visitors are entered into a drum and a number of their names are drawn at random. What's more, those chosen for punishment may suddenly find that they have been committed to the institute by their escorts! Diane is convinced that the odds of her being selected for punishment are slight... but who knows what fate has in store for her during her Arizona Vacation?