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The Spanking Digest: Issue 7
a journal of spanking fiction
By: LSF Publications

Published: Jun 30, 2016
Words: 25,269
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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Celebrating diversity in spanking fiction, this issue of The Spanking Digest features the following stories:

The Hemswell Programme by DJ Black: Following the death of her uncle, Laura assumes responsibility for her badly behaved 20-something cousins, Emma and Lucy, who will inherit their father's estate when they are 30 years old. She engages the services of Charles Hemswell, a strict ex-headmaster, who soon takes charge of the much needed discipline of the girls. Little does Laura know but she is not immune to his rules and regulations herself.

The Oldest Profession by Rue Chapman: Tony, a cop who works in Vice, is part of a team trying to break a prostitution ring. When he arrests Claire, believing her to be a hooker, he discovers that her profession is not at all what he'd imagined, but when she fails to heed his advice, he decides that a spanking is in order and a passionate encounter follows.

The Commander's Correction by Lucy Appleby: About to embark on a long-range space mission, things go badly for Mia on her very first day. They get even worse when she discovers first hand that the commander of her ship has a policy of bare bottom, corporal correction for his crew.

Twin Tanning by Jack Crawford: Dressed extremely provocatively and showing off their assets, identical twins, Kay and Cee, hustle a group of men playing pool for close to $1,000. Back home, their celebrations are cut short, however, when they find Kay's husband is waiting for them. He is not impressed with their behaviour, and gives each of them a hand spanking followed by three strokes with a whippy cane.

Our Life by Mykala Williams: Following a girl's night out, a man's wife comes home much later than expected, having driven home drunk. The following evening, as part of their domestic discipline relationship, he subjects her to a particularly harsh punishment with his belt.

A Female Gunfighter's Fantasy by PJ Manners: Lizzy is the queen of gunplay in the late 19th century West, but a marshal proves her match, taming her not with a gun, but corner time and a session over his knee. She's not entirely upset, though, as the experience fulfils a long-held fantasy.