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Cane Me... Please!
By: Stanlegh Meresith

Published: Feb 24, 2017
Words: 30,038
Orientation: F/F
Category: femdom
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Price: $3.49
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University student Emma is a former pupil of the prestigious St. Angela's, and although it is two years since she left the school, her thoughts often stray to the caning she'd received in the upper sixth at the hands of the strict Deputy Headmistress, Helen Arkwright. The fantasy of being caned again becomes so intense, she eventually plucks up the courage to go to Miss Arkwright's house and ask to be caned. Having taken early retirement, the former Deputy Head is more then happy to give Emma exactly what she needs ... and it turns out that Emma is not the only girl craving spankings ... so does Susie, another ex-pupil and appreciative recipient of Miss Arkwright's cane. Thus Emma's life changes in previously unimaginable ways. She and Susie receive the strict discipline they crave, sampling the feel of the tawse, strap, slipper and cane on their bare bottoms. And when an opportunity arises for them to earn money from their masochistic tendencies, they embrace it wholeheartedly. Emma and Susie's lesbian relationship develops; life is good, and they are grateful that Helen Arkwright is a dominant force in their lives.