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Skelpay Tales
spanking & domestic discipline on a Scottish Island
By: Theo Jones

Published: Mar 16, 2017
Words: 75,175
Orientation: F/F. M/F
Category: general
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Price: $4.79
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Set on the fictitious Hebridean island of Skelpay, these stories depict life in a small rural community, a community in which corporal punishment is widely used and forms part of an accepted way of life. A proper skelping (spanking) can be very effective when applied to the bare bottom of a misbehaving female, and it appears there are many such women in need of corporal correction on the island. Mary returns to the island and takes over the running of the campsite. Applying her marketing skills generates larger numbers of tourists, but the downside is that many of them are noisy and drunk and generally badly behaved. Needless to say, there is a price to pay, resulting in several sore bottoms. Two students spend a month working at the local museum recreating a disciplinary schoolroom scene ... and the spanking implements have to be tested. Then we have Millicent, subjected to slipperings galore from her aunt and others, for there's no shortage of willing spankers on Skelpay...