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Rebecca's Second Childhood
an age regression story
By: Jake Lindsey

Published: Jun 10, 2016
Words: 42,551
Orientation: F/F, (M/F)
Category: ageplay
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Price: $3.79
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Rebecca is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. After saying goodbye to her landlady, she sets off to the airport - and is singled out by airport staff because they think she looks only 14 or 15, not 21 as stated on her passport. Her nightmare continues when she is escorted to a room and accused of using her big sister's passport, and informed that her parents are on their way to collect her.

Dazed and confused, Rebecca is collected by Mr and Mrs Grant, who pretend they are her parents and insist on calling her Jenny. Their house is large and luxurious, and as the charade continues, Rebecca (who has spent most of her life in a children's home) begins to realise that this is what she has always wanted. She finds herself being bathed and pampered and firmly disciplined, and treated like a naughty teen ... and she loves it. When offered the choice of whether to leave or remain, she opts to stay, and thus begins an exciting new phase of her life: a regression into her second childhood. But this time, things are different. This time she gets to enjoy being a young teen and having parents who love and indulge her. She often has a spanked bottom and spends time in the corner, but that is just part of growing up...