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Disciplined! - Volume 1
an anthology of spanking fiction
By: DJ Black

Published: Dec 24, 2016
Words: 75,958
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $5.99
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With over 75,000 words, this anthology of spanking fiction features the following 23 stories by DJ Black:

Emma's Trials: When Emma dares to say no to her mistress, she is taken to her dungeon, stripped naked, and subjected to a severe whipping. Some time later she is made available to Charles, a 'collector' of submissives and a whole new life begins.

The Unspankable in Pursuit Of the Unseatable: Roberta is out for a ride on her horse when she encounters John, a no-nonsense man who threatens to spank her when she sasses him. After striking him with her riding crop he takes her over his lap for a good hard spanking, which it appears is exactly what she wanted all along.

Time Enough for Regrets: Set in the 23rd century, Joanna faces a jail sentence but she can choose a 'virtual' rehabilitation scenario instead. She agrees to a summertime visit with a family in the so-called Bible belt of 1950s America where corporal punishment is a regular occurrence.

Strawberry Red: Schoolteacher Ella is furious when she is unable to get the recipe for a delicious strawberry jam from the mother of one of her pupils. Knowing she is the housekeeper for the handsome local curate, who she is strongly attracted to, she breaks into the vicarage to seek the recipe, but she is quickly caught and subjected to a bare bottom spanking.

Personal Trainer: Kate's personal trainer is not at all happy with the effort she's been making and has her perform exercises in public, naked from the waist down. He then makes her run home similarly attired. Once back in her house she is spanked at the foot of the stairs.

The Lunch Club: At work, Charlotte has heard rumours about the 'Lunch Club' so she asks a colleague about it. After completing a detailed application, she is given an appointment and has her ultimate spanking fantasy played out. In a classroom setting, she is spanked by 'Sir' before being made to stand in the corner. This will likely be the first of many lunchtime spankings.

The Queen's Official Spanker: Entrusted by the king to be the young princess's tutor, Gaius finds it necessary to spank her when she puts herself in danger. When she later becomes queen, she keeps her old 'whipping girl' and relieves her sexual frustrations by thrashing her with a martinet. However, some years later when Gaius comes back into her life, she requests that he chastise her.

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: 18-year-old Susie is in big trouble when she is caught sneaking home in the early hours. Her father promises her a spanking the following morning and the next day her bare bottom is soundly slippered. Things go from bad to worse when her punishment continues in front of her friends, and it seems one of them has posted a video of her spanking to YouTube. Or could it all be a dream?

Strict Business Requirements: When Rosalind enters Mark's office she finds Leanne bare bottomed across his desk and getting a caning. Admitting to an error herself, she provokes Mark into giving her six of the best as well.

Deadly Sins: Jenny, unhappy since college with the direction her life has been taking, seeks the source of her friend Claire's satisfaction. She trades cheap rent and nice surroundings for adherence to rules and the painful consequences for breaking them.

Over the Moon: Carly had been caught halfway up the cliff by her husband, David, where she'd been looking for gulls' nests. Dragged back to their cottage, she is pulled over David's knee and spanked to tears before being made to stand in the corner. Later, however, she hands her husband the cane...

A Pantomime: Poor Cinderella is subjected to harsh punishments at the hands of her cruel stepmother and stepsisters, but life changes when she attends a ball and is soundly slippered by a Prince. Intrigued by Cinderella, the Prince searches for her, but not before giving the other women what they so richly deserve. Will Cinderella and her Prince live happily ever after?

The Country Mouse Flappers: Bored young women, trying to get some 'dare' into their lives, make a game of sneaking out to the local pub to drink and flirt with boys. Even though they get spanked by their guardians when caught, the punishments seem tame, so the girls come up with a scheme to up the risks and the consequences. This time, when they are caught returning home after midnight, they are soundly spanked and then caned.

Spanked Public Schoolgirl: The two girls meet on their first day at college but it soon becomes apparent that Camilla is the one in charge. When her friend struggles and starts to get bad grades, Camilla threatens her with a spanking and it's not long before she's spanking her on a regular basis. However, it turns out that Camilla is also spanked at home by her father.

A Special Case: After Petal has a tantrum and embarrasses 'Sir' in front of business colleagues, she packs her bags in despair, ready to abandon yet another failed relationship. But 'Sir' has other ideas...

Simple: 34-year-old Jenny Bauhaus has a simple proposition to put to experienced businessman, Baxter: if her performance isn't satisfactory he must spank her. Wishing to be sure she is genuine, Baxter takes her across his knee and spanks her bare bottom with a clothes brush.

The Special Section: It's the time of the Second World War and discipline in the Women's Royal Naval Service is tough. Not only are the Wrens disciplined by their male officers but by the women officers as well. But women officers too, especially those who make as many mistakes as Marion, soon find themselves lining up with the others for a jolly good spanking.

Spanks Giving: Laurie is late for the family celebration and has forgotten her contribution. Despite being widowed and in her twenties, she is in a lot of trouble. A public punishment before eating is followed by a trip to the woodshed.

Underworld: When club waitress, Karen, is caught skimming money 'off the top' she is sent to see the owner, Mr Winter. Initially fearing for her safety, she is made to remove her skirt, and bend over his desk. Then, one of his assistants removes his leather belt...

The Hundred Million Pound Will: Young female lawyer, Kerry, is regularly spanked by her prestigious and very wealthy client, Sir John. Following his death she is responsible for executing his rather unusual Will in which his vast fortune is to be inherited by his bratty niece, Cecelia. In order to inherit the money however, she must agree to serve as a maid for a year and be subject to corporal punishment whenever deemed necessary.

The Schoolhouse on the Prairie: When twice-widowed Louise Stepford hears that her daughter has been spanked by teacher, Jonathon Redmond, she is incensed and heads straight for the school. Seeing her daughter's reddened bare bottom on display she flies into a temper, slapping Mr Redmond across the face. Moments later, though, she finds herself over his knee getting the same treatment as her daughter. She is even more surprised when Mr Redmond asks to spend the following Sunday with her...

Warwick Station: Manda has shirked work and knows there's a price to pay. Turning down an offer of docked pay, she puts up a brave front on her trip to the shed and her appointment with the leather strap.

The Enlightenment: Elisabeth, 23, is older than other students at the Institute. In trouble along with two other girls, her attitude earns her immediate corporal punishment, rather than a warning or a deferral. Might this have been her goal all along?