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Punished in the Women's Penitentiary
By: Chuck Bruder

Published: Apr 28, 2016
Words: 21,231
Orientation: M/F
Category: reformatory, judicial
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Dr. Larry Clive takes up a new post as resident psychologist at the Eastern Penitentiary for Women, also known as 'The Prison Farm' owing to its prime function many years previously. His role is to monitor the prison's strict discipline programme in which female prisoners are punished for breaches of discipline, in the belief that strict corporal punishment combined with a nurturing process can help the inmates turn their lives around.

It is here that Alice Wilkes has been transferred to serve out the remainder of her two year sentence. She is intrigued by the punishment building, the woodshed, and the punishment barn - places where her fellow inmates are taken to be strapped, paddled and caned. Owing to her previous punishment sessions at her former prison, Alice has become fixated with discipline and spanking, finding the experience sexually arousing. She is also aroused by Dr Clive, and the two have an illicit relationship.

But the penitentiary punishment regime is harsh and sometimes brutal, and many of the male wardens derive great pleasure in disciplining and sexually molesting the women... none more so than the sadistic Thomas Jenkins, a man intent on having Alice for himself.

Publisher's Note: This book is for mature audiences only. It contains sexual scenes and descriptions of corporal punishment, sometimes severe.