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The Disciplined Male - Volume 4
By: W. Arthur

Published: Feb 12, 2017
Words: 25,255
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This compilation features a collection of femdom stories in which men find themselves on the receiving end of strict discipline from dominant women:

Honeymoon at the Rio: About to be married in Las Vegas, Derrick makes repeated advances to Catherine whilst she is getting ready in their hotel room. She is not amused and he quickly finds himself bare bottomed over her lap for a painful spanking with a hairbrush. Later, when he arrives back at the hotel over three hours late, he gets a second spanking, this time Catherine making good use of his own belt.

Scotty's First Time: When 26-year-old virgin, Scott Rosenthal, spies on four naked women in the shower room at the Cape Crystal Fitness Center where he works as a cleaner, he gets more than he bargained for. Made to strip naked, they take it in turns to spank him with a hairbrush before getting him to satisfy them sexually.

An Evening at the Theater: The last thing college student Jason wants to do is see Hamlet with his mother and Aunt Susan. At the theater his frequent flippant remarks threaten to ruin the experience for everyone until one of the actors suggests that his mother should do something about it. So, with his pants pulled down, his mother and aunt take turns to spank his bottom with a hairbrush, an act that results in wild applause from the transfixed audience.

Agent of the Gestapo: When Gestapo agent, Major Ernst Wagner, investigates a formerly abandoned house on the Rue Liege in German-occupied France during World War II, he discovers a beautiful naked young woman tied to a bed, blindfolded and being caned by another woman. Invited to participate, he is subjected to the same treatment himself before the caned woman relieves his discomfort.

Grandmother's Apron: Monroe comes across his grandmother's old apron while clearing out her basement with his fiance, Stephanie, and admits that she used to make him wear it as a punishment when he'd been naughty as a child. Unimpressed with his attitude when she asks him to put it on, Stephanie spanks him with a large wooden hairbrush.

Norte Americano: Based on a recommendation, Scott Huntington, a young soldier stationed in Indiana, goes in search of a Mexican bar and asks to meet 'the woman with blue eyes'. This turns out to be an attractive older woman called Maria Luisa who, with the help of 3 other women who hold him in place, paddles his bare bottom and then ensures that he fulfils her sexual needs.