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Spanked by Her Brother - Book 5
By: Breanna Carter

Published: Aug 13, 2017
Words: 25,858
Orientation: M/F
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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After the death of her parents, the spirited teenage Brianna lives with her big brother Terrence, and though she loves him and knows he is always looking out for her, she often causes him grief. Firm, fair and loving, Terence disciplines Brianna when she needs it... which is often. Her friend Anastasia also gets up to mischief, and is spanked by her big brother, Ashton.

The Homecoming Dance: When underage Bri drinks far too much at a party and collapses, she is taken to the hospital. A couple of days later, her best friend Ana attempts to call her on her cell phone at school, which is against school policy. Big brothers, Ashton and Terrance then take the responsibility of correcting both girls. Bri, however, is spanked not once, but twice, which includes one from Ana's brother, Ashton, while Ana is made to watch.

The Soccer Party: As part of Brianna's punishment, she is not allowed to use her car, but Ana persuades her to take it while Bri's big brother Terrence is out, reasoning that he will never find out. Of course, he does, and the crime is compounded by Bri's dishonesty - not to mention getting a speeding ticket on the way home. So Bri learns a painful lesson courtesy of her brother's hand, hairbrush and belt.

A Bit of Jealousy: Brianna is struggling after her brother falls in love and is about to propose to his girlfriend; plus Bri's best friend Ana is crazy about her new boyfriend and likes to spend lots of time with him, leaving Bri feeling left out. One night she is staying over at Ana's house, but when Ana goes out with her boyfriend, Bri sneaks out of the house with a can of spray paint. When she is caught by the police who bring her back, Ana's big brother Ashton spanks her soundly... and finally gets to the bottom of her problem.

Dinner at Romano's: Jealous of her brother's engagement, Brianna hatches a plan to try and make him split with his fiance. She goes with Terrence and Tonya to a restaurant, where she misbehaves and is a real brat, spilling her drink down Tonya, and being rude and ill-mannered. Terrence reaches boiling point. He has had enough of Bri's attitude, and a good talking to is needed to find out what's bugging her... but first, a soundly spanked bottom helps put things in perspective!