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Punished by the Prison Warden
By: Ryan Rowland

Published: Mar 20, 2016
Words: 18,210
Orientation: M/F
Category: romance, judicial
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Price: $2.99
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Samantha is detained when attempting to leave the mall, and staff discover she has an expensive bracelet in her bag that she hasn't paid for. Samantha explains that the real thief, realizing she'd been observed, had dropped the bracelet into Samantha's purse. Her story is not believed. Justice is swift, and because Samantha refuses to acknowledge her guilt, she is sentenced to a term at the Westsylvania Correctional Facility where she is subject to a programme of strict discipline and hard labour, and receives one corporal punishment each month administered by the warden with an implement of his choice.

The warden, Michael Bryson, has a reputation for being strict but fair. He is also very handsome, and becomes the subject of Samantha's erotic fantasies. Unknown to Samantha, Michael is also very attracted to her, and over time, he comes to believe in her innocence. In the meantime, life in the correctional facility is tough, and Samantha endures being strip searched, punished, and bullied by some of the wardens who enjoy tormenting the inmates. In this environment, Samantha comes to look forward to her monthly punishments with the warden, where she will be practically naked for his pleasure, to be dealt with by strap, paddle or cane. But what will happen when her sentence comes to an end? Is a relationship with Michael nothing more than an impossible dream...?