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Uncle Richard's Disciplinary Regime
By: Rachel White

Published: Mar 01, 2016
Words: 35,552
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $3.49
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A despondent Rachel confides in her friend Jenny, telling her about her poor grades. She knows why she has done badly: skipped classes, not enough preparation and studying, and an undisciplined approach to her studies. It turns out that Jenny used to be exactly the same ... until she went to live with 'Uncle' Richard. Rachel learns that Uncle Richard is not a real uncle, merely a well meaning friend and mentor who provides structure and discipline to the lives of the four female students who share his house and live like sisters. Richard knows about everyone's assignments and their due dates, and he helps the girls with their coursework, and enforces a study time after supper, along with a curfew and a strict bedtime. If the girls don't do well in their assignments or if they misbehave, Uncle Richard doesn't hesitate to administer a sound spanking with his hand or a wooden hairbrush.

When Julie leaves the house it isn't long before Rachel moves in ... and she soon gets her first spanking, which proves to be one of many! But although the arrangement with its rules and standards may appear unconventional, it yields results; not only does it ensure a loving and supportive home life for the girls, it also increases their confidence and provides them with the motivation to do well within their chosen careers.