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The Fathers' Club
... and other spanking tales
By: Philip Kemp

Published: Mar 08, 2016
Words: 24,475
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This collection of spanking stories features the following tales:

The Fathers' Club: Believing his daughter Cindy to be safely tucked up in bed at home, Tom gets a phone call from the local police station informing him otherwise! He learns that Cindy and her three friends have crept out and visited a new night club, where they got drunk and disorderly, causing substantial damage to the premises. Tom and the other fathers decide stern action is needed. They get together to administer a joint spanking session for their miscreant daughters. Four naughty young women get soundly spanked with hand and hairbrush. But as time goes by, the girls misbehave again so their dads decide a further spanking is merited... there is much work to be done by the Fathers' Club.

To Fit the Crime: Smart young barrister, Leon Richard, takes on a new secretary, Susan, as his previous secretary is on maternity leave. He finds Susan efficient and very attractive, but manages to keep his instincts under control... until the day Susan is late and he reads an email on her computer about an erotic spanking she has received. Later that day he catches her typing a reply and threatens to fire her... but she begs to be punished some other way instead. How can he possibly refuse such an offer...?

The Airport Assignment: Kirstie, a 19-year-old college student, gets a summer job driving a limo for businessmen. It's a pretty boring job until she is sent to the airport to pick up an important client called Mr Karl. She is asked to dress provocatively in stockings and high heels... and she clearly impresses Mr Karl who has her stop in a quiet country road and get in the back of the car with him. The spanking that follows is but the first of many....

Birthday Girl: Paul falls helplessly in love with Ginny before they have even met, and his courtship of her progresses fast. When he discovers that she has just celebrated her 20th birthday, he finds it surprisingly easy to suggest that she should have a birthday spanking. To his amazement, she asks for another to make up for missed years, and their future is secure!

Like Daughter, Like Mother: Debbie is unable to cope with her 18 year old daughter Ashley's behaviour, and sends her to London to stay with her cousin Jack, in the hope that his strict discipline will bring some control to the unruly Ashley. It isn't long before Ashley breaks the rules and pays the penalty - on her bottom! What she doesn't know is that her mother Debbie had a similar experience with Jack many years ago.