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Three Rosy Bottoms at Midnight
... and other spanking stories
By: Philip Kemp

Published: Jun 07, 2017
Words: 24,487
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This collection of spanking stories features the following tales:

Three Rosy Bottoms at Midnight: Spanking the bottoms of naughty teenage girls is not an arduous task for Tom Paddler, Headmaster of an exclusive private boarding school for young ladies... a school which prides itself not only on its academic standards but on its standards of discipline. Hearing noises coming from the senior girls' dormitory, he catches three teens having a midnight feast, a crime which earns Susie, Jenny and Rosie a sound punishment. Each girl in turn goes over the Headmaster's lap for a bare bottom spanking. Hand, hairbrush, slipper and paddle ... Tom makes full use of each implement. Rosie, the girl with the most spankable bottom, and the naughtiest of the three, is the last to be spanked, and leaves the Headmaster's study with a rosy red bottom.

The Secret Portrait: Lady Cynthia is an arrogant and spoiled young woman who is accustomed to getting her way. She meets her match in the artist who has been commissioned to paint her portrait. When he refuses to let her see the work in progress, she loses her temper and gives him the inspiration for another, secret portrait which is even lovelier than the official version... as it shows her well-spanked bare bottom.

Frank and I: Set in the early 1900's, Charley suggests to his newly married young cousin Harold, a very effective method of bringing his petulant and spoilt bride to order. Harold is reluctant at first but eventually asks Charley to administer the chastisement Madeleine so badly needs. He observes the proceedings and is so impressed that he later takes over the discipline himself ...which brings pleasantly surprising results for both him and his wife.

Spanking the Babysitter: Leslie and Peter ask Phil to check in on their new babysitter, Debbie. It is a good thing he does so because the two children are trashing the kitchen while Debbie is lounging around watching TV. In exchange for a promise of silence, Debbie agrees to a punishment spanking at Phil's house, and it turns out to be exactly what she needs. She is talked into visiting Phil after every babysitting job for another spanking to keep her on track. It works a treat.

The Strong Arm of the Law: Alec and Lucy are playing spanking games in the bedroom when they are disturbed by someone knocking on the door. Sergeant Ted Stirling tells the couple he is here because the neighbours phoned, reporting that they heard screaming. The couple are bundled into the back of a police car and taken to the police station, where they are escorted to an interview room. Alec explains that the spanking games were fun and fully consensual, and that Lucy enjoys getting a good bare bottom spanking. But Sergeant Ted is not convinced. He knows exactly how to handle things from this point, much to the chagrin of Alec.