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... and other spanking tales
By: Philip Kemp

Published: Aug 01, 2016
Words: 24,495
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This collection of spanking stories features the following tales:

Consequences: Finding herself short of cash to pay the price of a coveted pair of silk French culottes, Lesley 'borrows' money from the till at the store where she works, and later finds that there is a much greater, and far reaching, price to pay for her actions... on her bare bottom!

Roman Justice: Being in dreary, damp Britannia makes Centurian Lucius Maxentius less than happy. But an ambush initiated by some local nubile females gives him the opportunity to deal with them in the only way he knows how ... by giving them all a bare bottom spanking. He soon finds that he is in much better humour!

Hot Enough for June: June is disciplined by her boyfriend for frequenting dodgy bars, arriving home late, drink driving and telling lies. She gets the spanking of her life and a very sore bottom - yet she can't help but be excited by this new, masterful side to her usually easy-going boyfriend... and in spite of the pain in her rear end, she finds the spanking a huge turn on.

Strange Customs: A man is expecting a package containing spanking DVDs, but instead he receives a letter stating that the package has illegal content and won't be delivered. This leads to an interesting spanking and erotic encounter with an attractive female government official ... and the postgirl is waiting in the wings for similar treatment.

She's No Angel: Angie and Paul both love spanking and indulge as often as possible. But Angie's flat-mate Fiona has taken a real dislike to Paul, and is very rude to him. One evening Paul arrives to meet Angie but finds Fi there instead. When she starts on him he decides to teach her the truth about spanking, with a long overdue lesson. He later finds out that she is a convert to corporal punishment! He also finds out that his girlfriend Angie has been very naughty...