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Strictly Women: Book 3
a collection of F/F femdom stories
By: DJ Black

Published: Feb 17, 2017
Words: 24,338
Orientation: F/F
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This collection of domestic F/F femdom tales featuring strict women who spank other women, contains the following stories:

A Summer Vacation with Mother: Helen is angry that they can't afford to have their usual holiday abroad. She goes to stay in Devon with Geraldine, her mother, taking her daughter Sophie with her. Annoyed by Sophie' bad behaviour and swearing, Helen spanks her. But things don't end there, as Geraldine disciplines Helen with the hairbrush.

Hard Redley Uncovered: Journalist Kim is sent undercover to Hard Redley by her boss and enrolled in the ladies' college to get a scoop news story about the daughters of the rich and famous who attend this special establishment. She soon gets her story, but is caught. She receives the first of many bare bottomed canings.

A Spanking Exchange: When Cameron visits the UK from America, Jade's mother is very impressed with the young woman's manners. She is surprised when Cameron gives her a paddle and tells her that her mother insisted she bring it. After sampling the British pub culture both Cameron and Jade end up experiencing discipline, American style.

An Algarve Adventure: On holiday in Portugal, Stacy and Louise choose to disobey their mother by using a lower factor sun cream and spending their days on the beach in the tiniest of bikinis. Finally, after acquiring amazing tans, their mother scarcely recognises them on the beach and, infuriated, takes them back to the apartment, where the landlady's paddle is put to good use!

Emma's Surrender: Emma has long been fascinated with spanking; she yearns for it. One rainy day at a bus stop she meets Mildred, who takes pity on the soaked girl and takes her back to her house to dry off. This is the beginning of an adventure that Emma has only dreamt of ... as she discovers that Mildred is a dominant woman who is in to spanking. Both women know that Emma really needs a man, but Mildred even has that covered... after she has had her fun over the weekend.

School Daze in a Summer Haze: Three girls return to their old school some ten years later and find the memories are strong. Amanda and Claire remember meeting and befriending feisty Yvonne and recall the time when they were caught smoking, she refused to obey, getting them all a much more severe punishment. From that point on, if one of them got into trouble they all got punished.

The League of Spankists: Martha is training Jill to be a journeyman in the League of Spankists. In the 22nd century these are people who can spank anyone, anywhere, regardless of whatever protection they may have. Martha pays a visit to Margo, a Hollywood actress; she gives her a sound spanking, but it doesn't end there ...unfortunately for Margo, she has yet to endure a heavy dose of embarrassment and public humiliation.