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Spanking Her Bottom - Volume 3
tales of corporal punishment & domestic discipline
By: Katie Bradford

Published: Mar 26, 2016
Words: 72,179
Orientation: M/F
Category: domestic discipline
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Price: $6.49
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This 3 volume box set contains 22 spanking stories by Katie Bradford, and features a variety of domestic scenarios in which adult women are disciplined by obliging men. If spanking fiction is your thing you're bound to find something of interest in this exciting and diverse collection of stories:

The Disobedient Wife: Katie is at work when she receives a phone message from her husband - he is not happy! She decides to prepare his favourite dinner and pretend that she never got the message, hoping that he will forget whatever has upset him. Later on Jeff soon sees through this tactic and informs her that she is getting a spanking for being overdrawn again at the bank. He instructs her to take off her sexy little black dress that she had worn hoping to seduce him - and she finds herself standing in the corner waiting for a well deserved and long overdue spanking. Things go from bad to worse when the two of them go through Katie's financial records which are in a dreadful mess. She has ignored previous attempts to keep her spending records in order, and pays the price on her bottom! Angry that Jeff has the upper hand, she vows not to give in to any sexual advances - but Jeff knows exactly what she likes and her vow is soon forgotten as the pair make up in bed.

This volume also includes the following short stories: Curiosity, Red Bottoms & A Surprise!; The Mirrored Room; The Magic of Midnight; Wood Over Two Buns & Scorch 'Em; The Messy Housewife; and Window View.

The Whippings of Miss Elizabeth Caldwell: The year is 1915 and Elizabeth is in disgrace. She has been found guilty of breaking five rules in her teaching contract. The judge remands her into her uncle's custody for a week until her punishment is carried out, and so Elizabeth is sent to stay at the farm run by her aunt and uncle. When her young man Carson arrives, Elizabeth sneaks out to meet him and finds herself on the wrong end of her uncle's belt for defying his authority. The very next day, she is due to be whipped by the head of the School Board. She gets a bare bottomed paddling in front of several witnesses, and her struggles earn her yet another punishment over the knee of her strict uncle. But she is grateful to have kept her job, and vows never to break the rules again!

This book also includes the following short stories: Watching; The Secret behind the Wall; Spanked on the Hour... Every Hour; Running Red Lights Causes Red Bottoms; Writing Yourself into the Twilight Zone; and Spanking Shows You Care?

The Best Little Spanking House in Texas: Miss Rose is the proprietor of a very special type of establishment, one that is both popular and successful - High Ridge Hall is a spanking house and it does a roaring trade! Miss Rose ensures her girls are treated with respect and that they keep the house rules. Over the years, Miss Rose has acquired many tales of the goings-on at High Ridge, but her favourite is the one about Lacy Walker, a teenage runaway. At first, Lacy earns her keep by doing odd jobs, but later she learns the trade and becomes one of Miss Rose's best working girls. One day, Lacy is summoned to the office and is told that a new client has requested her. He has very specific wishes regarding the clothing Lacy is to wear, a requirement for a blindfold, and a desire to undertake some father-daughter role play. When the scene starts, Lacy finds herself playing the role of a runaway teen who is very sorry for all the hurt she has caused her parents. It is so realistic on so many levels and it does not take long for the mysterious client to reveal who he really is...

This volume also includes the following short stories: An Eavesdropper's Tale; One Last Gamble; The New Toy; It Was Just a Dream... Wasn't It?; Tanning Carrie's Hide; The Boss's Daughter; and Bathtub Spanking.