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Love on a Ranch Box Set 4
By: Leigh Smith

Published: Jun 14, 2015
Words: 147,204
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance
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Price: $9.99
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Grab all FOUR of these western romance novellas from Leigh Smith, now available in a box set at a specially discounted price - a substantial saving on the retail price of all the books bought separately!

Featuring just under 150,000 words this box set contains the following FOUR novellas:

At the End of the Rainbow: After a gruelling 18-month work schedule in support of a political campaign in Washington DC, 33 year-old Melody decides to spend some time with her sister's family at their ranch in Montana. She is given an especially warm welcome by her sister Penny, who loses no time in making a list of the local eligible bachelors a wasted effort, because on her fourth day at the ranch, Melody meets a tall, handsome cowboy called Kendall (Ken) and they soon begin seeing each other.

Not everything goes entirely smoothly though, and it's not long before Ken, who believes in traditional family values, has cause to take the sassy Melody over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking. At first Melody is reluctant to commit to the relationship but it isn't long before she falls head over heels in love with cowboy Ken. She soon discovers that their post-spanking lovemaking more than makes up for a sore bottom!

The relationship flourishes and the couple get engaged. But when Melody returns home to Washington to let go of her apartment and sort out her possessions, she is contacted by Senator Brewster who makes her an attractive job offer that is hard to resist... It's time for Melody to make an important decision. Will she find love and happiness at the end of the rainbow...?

The Cowboy Has Her Back: After her Navy SEAL husband is killed by a drunk driver, widowed Mikela 'Mickey' Chandler comes to stay with her brother-in-law and sister, Becky. While out riding, her horse takes off at breakneck speed, and Mickey loses her grip on one of the reins. Fortunately for her, local rancher Hank Caldwell is on hand to save the day ... and the two embark on a passionate and stormy relationship.

It's not long before Mickey falls head over heels in love with the tall, handsome rancher, but having been hurt in a previous relationship, Hank is guarded and cautious where his feelings are concerned. There are other problems too, in that Hank is used to being in control whilst Mickey is not used to having a man tell her what to do. Things come to a head when Hank, exasperated by Mickey's failure to do as she's told, decides to take her over his knee and give her a spanking. Mickey is incensed and it looks like the two will go their separate ways although it is clear both still have strong feelings for each other. Are they too stubborn and set in their ways to make things work, or will love find a way?

The Star-Crossed Cowboy: Having been abandoned by her mother as a child, Starr Winslow becomes the sole owner of the Whispering Pines Ranch following the death of her father. In the absence of her parents, she has been raised by Katie and Buck who were friends of her father. Now that Buck is getting older, he wants to get away from the cold Montana winters and move to Arizona where his son lives. Unable to leave the running of the ranch to Starr on her own, they agree to advertise for a ranch foreman. Finding a suitable rancher proves difficult though, as many of the applicants are uncomfortable working for a woman. Luckily, tall handsome cowboy, Jude Barlow, turns up and after a short period of evaluation, he is given the job. Jude has a seven-year-old daughter, Darcy, currently living with his sister following the death of his wife in an automobile accident and he hopes that Darcy will be able to join him once things are settled. He doesn't have a problem working for Starr, but outside of work their relationship is very different and Starr soon discovers that Jude is not one to tolerate any nonsense - when she pushes him too far she soon finds herself over Jude's knee for a good spanking. Although there are some difficult moments, they quickly develop a strong mutual attraction that deepens into love. Will that love endure and just what will the future hold for Starr and her handsome cowboy?

Annie & Jace: Annie was just 18 when Jace first encountered her in Pickin' Pete's Bar and Grill. Using a false id and feeling the effects of tequila, she was attracting the wrong kind of attention when Jace offered to help sober her up and drive her home. Annie refused to listen and Jace made good his threat to take her over his knee for a spanking in full view of the bar. Little did she know at the time, just how much Jace would feature in her life.

But as time passes, Annie meets local ranch hand, Gabe Dixon, a modern man with old-fashioned values. The two fall in love, marry, and set up home at the Broken Wheel Ranch in Tulsa which Gabe has recently acquired. Things go well for the couple but when Annie's feisty attitude and stubborn temperament get out of hand, Gabe doesn't hesitate to give her a well-deserved spanking.

Some four years later and after enduring personal tragedy through the loss of her husband, Annie and Jace meet again quite by chance, and waste no time in getting reacquainted, their mutual attraction quickly sparking romance. Jace still takes the same approach to keeping Annie in line, and she frequently finds herself going over his knee for both disciplinary and erotic spankings. One day while Jace is away doing business in Palm Springs, he hears that a tornado has hit the area where Annie lives, causing widespread devastation and destruction. Jace hurries back, concerned for the well-being of the woman he loves, but what will he find on his return to Tulsa...?