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The Runaway Bride
By: Abigail Armani

Published: May 26, 2015
Words: 9,545
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance, historical
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The year is 1890, and after the death of her father, Cora Mayfield's wealthy stepmother makes dozens of unsuccessful attempts to get her stepdaughter off her hands by finding her a husband. But Cora will have none of it, for the shallow and pretentious suitors are almost as disagreeable as her stepmother. Taking a firm stance, her stepmother eventually arranges a marriage, so with the help of the family of her German maid Helga Richter, Cora runs away from the opulent Manhattan house and plans to travel back to the cattle town of Abilene, Kansas, where she was raised. She stays with the Richter family for a few days until the train is due to depart, but learns her stepmother has paid private detectives to watch the harbour and railway station. But no-one pays any attention to a young man boarding the train, his cap pulled well down over his face. Before the opportunity arises for Cora to change her clothes, she gets caught up in a game of poker, and attracts the attention of a man... and a very handsome man at that. Abandoning her disguise, Cora moves carriages and is befriended by an entertaining old lady called Hannah. When the two of them are in the dining car, who should they meet but the very handsome gentleman. Introductions are made, and Cora finds herself becoming enamoured with Patrick O'Connell. He also is headed for the cowboy town of Abilene and is more than willing to help Cora find a place to stay. Sparks fly, romance blossoms ... and the headstrong Cora has finally met her match in the sensual rancher ... even if her new love exerts his authority by spanking her bottom.

A fun romance with a happy ever after ending.