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A Change of Regime
the return of corporal punishment
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Feb 08, 2015
Words: 23,850
Orientation: M/F
Category: fantasy, judicial
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Price: $3.49
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It is some time in the future, and with a change of UK government comes a series of radical new measures which brings corporal punishment back in vogue. This includes the legalising of spanking in the home as well as a partial restoration of corporal punishment in schools and for certain offences within criminal law. Aspects of the new regime are described in the following six stories...

In Punishment, 18-year-old Amy's father, who had previously voted for the new disciplinary reforms, has second thoughts when his daughter is sentenced to be strapped at one of the Ministry of Justice's 'therapy' centres.

The Nice Headmaster details how student teacher, Olivia, is subjected to a lengthy paddling by her headmaster, a monthly procedure instituted by the Department of Education under the new regime.

In The Students of the Nice Headmaster, Olivia and two of her colleagues spend the holidays at one of their parent's homes. One evening, after a few drinks, they are distracted by a group of boys and return home at 3am. The next morning they pay the price and are each subjected to a bare bottom strapping.

False Identity sees the introduction of further disciplinary measures, including a curfew. Sixteen-year-old Marion gets caught out after curfew and being over the legal drink limit, but uses the ID card of her elder sister, Estelle, when confronted by the police. As a result, Estelle is forced to endure a triple punishment administered by strap, cane and birch, on her sister's behalf.

In Black Card, having made a major error at her place of work, Amelia must attend a Penitence station where she is subjected to the painful humiliation of a computer-administered spanking.

Twenty-five-year-old Lucy receives a computer-generated sentence from the Ministry of Justice in Mistake. She knows she is innocent, but the court refuses to acknowledge its mistake, and she is forced to attend a penitence booth for her punishment.
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