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Over Her Lap: Book 5
F/F femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: Dec 10, 2014
Words: 24,557
Orientation: F/F
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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A Deliciously Humiliating Experience by Lucy Appleby - Finishing work for the weekend, Olivia has booked herself into Epicurus, a sixteenth century mansion located in the countryside that caters to those wishing to experience corporal punishment. Dressed as an adult schoolgirl, she soon finds herself being subjected to a bare bottomed caning in front of an audience. When a familiar voice whispers in her ear, Olivia is shocked but happy.

Prefect's Punishment by Mike London - Helen, an 18-year-old prefect at a girls' school, offends the elderly school governor by pushing past her to get on the bus and then insulting her. Furious, the governor goes to Headmistress Taylor, demanding the maximum punishment. As a result, Helen receives the caning of her life, her first ever, and loses her prefect status.

After the Party by Rob Burton - Witnessing her daughter being spanked by another woman at a party, unleashes a desire in Celia that she was previously unaware of. She initially fears her daughter's friend, Emma, but is drawn to the sensually intense spanking she will deliver.

The School History Project by J Wackford Colton - Headmistress, Mary Cornwall, is amused that her four best sixth formers think they can pull the wool over her eyes when they volunteer for a history project. They believe they have tricked her into caning them but the next time they are likely to get a lot more than they bargained for.

Mrs Daggett Visits by Thomas Bruns - Jules calls her best friend, Marly Daggett, to come over to her house. It seems that the hairbrush which Jules was using to spank her daughter, broke while in use. Mrs. Daggett instructs her friend on how to administer a proper hairbrush spanking, providing a real-life demonstration and hairbrush. After a discussion about what kind of discipline their teenage daughters need, Jules realizes her friend Marly deserves a spanking too.

Spanking the Maid by Katie Bradford - Breaking the dishes wasn't really Lucy's fault but as the maid she knew she was bound to get the blame. Lucy is surprised though when she gets spanked by Mrs Snobgrass and she is promised more to come if her work doesn't improve.

Purchase & Punishment by Daniel Mackay - Miranda is not happy when she finds out that her partner, Jamie, has been buying sexy underwear despite promising not to buy anything else without checking with her first. She decides that a mouth soaping is in order, followed by a spanking for each new pair of panties, much to Jamie's initial disgust.