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Christmas Spanking: F/M Femdom Tales
By: LSF Publications

Published: Nov 29, 2013
Words: 43,986
Orientation: F/M
Category: xmas, femdom
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Price: $3.99
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A Christmas Carole by Austin Carr
Christmas Eve finds Carole despondent and alone in front of the television set while her husband Gary is working. Sensing their marriage is failing she ponders why Gary is so distant with her. Recalling his Christmas gift last year of a burnished wooden spanking paddle, she is disappointed he hasn't outgrown such silliness. Opting for an early night, she goes to bed and switches on the television set in the bedroom and drifts off to sleep ... to be awakened later by a noise and a strange light. A waif-like young woman is standing in her bathroom, and when she points to the mirror, it reveals a scene of a much younger and happier Gary being spanked by his first girlfriend. In the next scene Carole observes the cutting comments made by her younger self in response to Gary's request for her to spank him. Her next vision shows Gary at work and on very good terms with a female colleague, and the final vision shows herself as a lonely and bitter woman. She is desperate to change her life and avoid that outcome, and when Gary returns from his late shift, she greets him with the long-handled bath brush, and as she spanks him - to his obvious surprise and delight - she feels exhilarated, completely liberated and totally in command of her husband. Theirs is a marriage worth saving.

This volume also includes the following Christmas stories, all with a festive Femdom theme involving submissive men being disciplined by assertive women who take control:

A Party and a Present ... But for Whom? by Jacqueline Scott
Christmas Eve Alone by Jack Crawford
Secret Santa by Michael Horton
God Knows, He Deserved It by Brian Bowman
Specially for Christmas by James Simpson
Mistletoe Interpretations by Jack Crawford
Christmas Wishes are the Same by Carlton Kristain
Jingle Bells by Alan de Veau
Twelve Days of Christmas by Jack Crawford
A High Stress Christmas by Jonathan Quincy Graves.