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The Christmas Spirit
By: LSF Publications

Published: Nov 29, 2013
Words: 34,755
Orientation: M/F
Category: xmas
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Price: $2.99
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The Christmas Spirit by Steve Timmons
When Hank and his wife Heidi begin the task of sorting through the possessions of Hank's paternal grandparents, Konrad and Erika Hoffman, Heidi discovers Grandmother Erika's diaries. They make fascinating reading, giving a detailed account of the courtship between Erika and Konrad, and Konrad's secret Christmas plans concerning a large shipment of toys and clothing for the village children. They learn how Erika's parents persuaded Konrad to further the tradition of The Christmas Spirit by dressing up in a long robe, and awarding corporal chastisement in return for wiping away transgressions. Not only was Konrad required to discipline Karin and Elke, but Erika too. And so, late one night the week before Christmas, The Christmas Spirit did his duty with the leather strap, and when it is Erika's turn to confess her faults and receive punishment, Konrad takes the opportunity to help Erica break down the walls she has erected for herself with a cathartic spanking...

This volume also includes the following Christmas stories:

Christmas Treat by Paul Rosemount
Joy and Happiness by Fiona Blue
The Spirit of Giving by Penelope Hasler
We All Know What Father Christmas Looks Like by Nancy Wing
Barb's Very Spanky Christmas by Rick Marlowe
Christmas Carol by Frank Limadere
Christmas Comes to Crystal Keep by Ross Mariner
New Year's Resolution by Sam Stewart
The Great Strike at the Christmas Toy Factory by Susan Thomas.