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Over the Desk
an anthology of schoolgirl spanking tales
By: Mike London

Published: Jan 21, 2018
Words: 73,855
ASIN: B079686Q7N
Orientation: F/f, M/f
Category: school
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Price: $5.99
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This anthology of fictional schoolgirl spanking tales, previously published as 3 separate ebooks, features 17 stories and in excess of 73,000 words:

Diane Gets the Slipper: When Diane is caught out of bounds she is awarded 500 lines and given detention, which means she will miss taking part in an important netball match. After some persuasion by her friends she asks for a slippering instead, which the headmistress agrees to, but first Diane has to witness three other girls being caned and slippered.

Heat to Her Seat!: When sixteen-year-old sophomore, Michelle, misbehaves in Mr Hammond's class, she is made to stay behind after recess for three sharp whacks with a heavy wooden paddle, the punishment being witnessed by a female teacher who is a friend of her mother.

Smoking Can Damage Your Bottom!: Caroline is a new girl at Stonegrove Public School, which was formerly boys only. Caught buying cigarettes from a shop in class time by the maths teacher, she is reported to the headmaster, Mr Grahame. Some of the girls in her dormitory doubt that he'd actually cane a girl - how wrong they were!

Assembly Caning: Maria is normally well-behaved, but is caught drinking, smoking, swearing and kissing her boyfriend in a local pub well known for serving underage drinkers. Her headmistress, feeling that she has brought the school into disrepute, decides that a public caning is in order. The caning is described in detail, and the reader can feel every stroke.

Kate's Detention: As part of her punishment for stealing books from the school library, Kate has been stripped of her prefect's status, and is attending the first of 7 detentions. Miss Holden, in charge of the first detention, is very strict, and 13 of the 16 girls present, including Kate, are punished for various infractions, their bottoms on the receiving end of a size 10 rubber-soled plimsoll and a particularly stingy cane.

Hot Pants: When five girls disobey the rules and wear hot pants to school, they are sent to see Mrs Powell, the senior mistress. Made to bend over a chair in her office, they are each subjected to a painful caning leaving them with hot bottoms and thighs as well as hot pants.

Sheila: In her third year at Redhill Secondary School, Sheila is caned for insolence to a teacher but subsequently manages to stay out of trouble for the next two years. However, when she bunks off school with her boyfriend they both end up getting a caning.

Elaine is Made an Example: Mr (Whack'em) Wickham has a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, which Elaine, who is normally well-behaved, discovers to her cost when she is egged on by her classmates to throw his plimsoll out of the window. Having been sent to retrieve it, she is made to bend over a stool at the front of the class and receives six of the best from the stingy rubber-soled implement.

Sarah's Sore Bottom: Although one of the brightest girls in her glass, Sarah appears to have lost interest in schoolwork and is regularly disrupting the class. Finally, she is sent to see the senior mistress, Mrs Davis, who gives her six of the best and instructs her to return to her class to apologise.

Fiona Gets the Tawse: Fiona is constantly late for school, and lines and detention seem to have no effect on her. Stronger measures are clearly called for, and the headmistress is just the one to apply them.

Choices: Having been caught out of school at lunchtime, Joanna and Christine are given the choice of either three whacks with a size twelve slipper across their bottoms, or detention. Whilst Joanna opts for what turns out to be a painful slippering, Christine chooses detention but ends up regretting her choice and she too decides on the slipper.

Anna's Slippering: When Anna hasn't done her homework, she copies from another girl and then destroys that girl's work. As punishment, she is made to change into her PE kit and bend over the vaulting horse in the gym, where she is subjected to a painful slippering by her form teacher, Mrs Townsend.

Kelly Gets the Cane: Kelly is slippered for talking in class by Miss Duncan, but blames her friend Sally. Later the same day and still feeling aggrieved, she pushes Sally into the pool, and is sent to the headmistress for the cane.

Celia's First Caning: A young schoolgirl is caned for the first time by the Headmistress for arguing with another girl and then smashing a trophy to the ground which causes a piece of glass to cut the classmate's ankle.

Lauren's Christmas Present: After moving to a new school, Lauren finds it much stricter than the one that she previously attended. Though determined not to get into trouble, she still manages to earn a caning on the hands, and then later, a much more severe one on her bottom. Her Christmas misery is complete when her parents receive a gift from the headmistress.

The Tables Turned: New girl, Radha, is caught running in the corridor and taken back to the Prefects' Room. Although, strictly speaking, prefects are only allowed to gives lines and detention, they hold Radha down and give her a thorough slippering. After the girl makes a formal complaint, the prefects are summoned to see the headmistress who punishes them severely with both slipper and cane, much to the delight of Radha.

Naughty Nicki: When Nicki is caught writing graffiti on the toilet walls at her school, she is reported to the headmistress by one of the prefects. After eight strokes of the cane across her knickers, she is sent to assist the school janitor in removing the graffiti. However, later, she is rude to him and sent back to the headmistress for a slippering.
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