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by Jack Crawford

This was not at all what Jon Lawson had envisioned his first year of college would be like. No doubt he had expected some nervous tensions, but nothing like what he was currently feeling. He also had expected to be very concerned from time to time as he had been only a marginally successful student in high school, but his concern at this very moment was much more than he could have possibly imagined. He had also anticipated a tremendously exciting time in college, but his current level of excitement as evidenced by the erection that just would not go away was not what he had envisioned.

Nor had Jon envisioned ever being in his current predicament. At this very moment he was standing in his Aunt Kate's living room. Nothing unusual about that unless you consider how he was standing: sweat pants and underwear puddled about his ankles to expose his bottom as he faced the corner. The purpose of his position was to wait for his aunt to reappear and spank the bare bottom he had on display.

"This may be coming a little late in life for you," Aunt Kate had said sternly to him, "but it is better late than never and I shall just have to make up for lost time, my dear Jonathan!" He would soon learn that when she used Jonathan rather than Jon, he was in serious trouble. He would also learn that he had better spend his corner time thinking about his misdeeds or it would be the worse for him.

He was terrified. He had never been spanked in his life and he really didn't want to start now, but he had little choice. He had been accepted at university based upon his aunt's recommendation and her promise to stay on top of him. His marginal grades made his acceptance possibilities rather low, but Aunt Kate tipped the scales in his favor. Kate was not only a tenured Professor of Psychology at the university, she was the Department Chairperson. Jon owed her a tremendous debt of gratitude for his admission.

He also owed Aunt Kate for her assistance in affording to attend university as well. His widowed mother could afford tuition or room and board, but not both. Aunt Kate came to the rescue by offering to let Jon stay with her in exchange for him doing simple chores and working hard at his studies. In short, Jon could not afford to do anything but comply with whatever demands Aunt Kate made of him.

Aunt Kate really did make this important step in life for Jon a possibility; a possibility he would not otherwise have had, but also a possibility with consequences, and Jon was about to experience the first of those consequences.

How does a 20-year-old get himself into this situation? he scolded himself as he stood in the corner. He shivered from the damning shame he experienced as he looked down and saw his twitching erection. Go away! What will Aunt Kate think?

With a start, Jon was about to find out as he jumped when he heard his aunt's clicking footsteps, her high heels tapping out a determined tempo on the marble floor of the hallway. He didn't dare move when those clicking footsteps stopped as her heels led her into the carpeted living room. Jon shivered again as he heard her rearranging the furniture slightly. Then he groaned inwardly when he heard her say, "Turn around, Jonathan. What you learn in college is much more than just what you find in books. Let's get your education started!"

Jon slowly turned, his sweat pants and underwear hobbling him. He tried to tug down his t-shirt to cover his uncontrollable erection. He provided extra cover with both hands over his groin as he shuffled awkwardly over to the straight-backed chair that Aunt Kate had pulled to the center of the room. As he approached the chair, he watched his aunt sit down. He had never thought of Kate in any lustful way in the past and he was certain he did not think of her in that way now ... yet that stiffness would not go away!

Aunt Kate's short black skirt was tight across her thighs as she sat. The hem had risen up to mid-thigh and revealed her black hose. She was dressed in a tasteful and professional manner. Jon tried to look away as he stood just to her right side. Then she smacked his hands and said, "Hands to your side, young man!"

His rapid compliance caused his offending appendage to pop out from beneath the t-shirt. He heard her sigh with ... what? Resignation? Disgust? Disappointment? Jon could only mumble, "I'm sorry, Aunt Kate."

She shook her head and said simply, "Over my lap. Not to worry, I expect you are having a normal reaction and I assure you it will go away in just a few moments."

Mortified, the hotly blushing 20-year-old quickly assumed the most juvenile position he had ever experienced: bare bottom over a woman's lap waiting to be spanked! But as humiliated as he felt, he was also grateful to be laying over her lap and hiding his rude reaction. He gasped when he felt her warm hand rest on the crest of bottom and he cringed as he felt himself press against her thighs.

"Tell me why you find yourself in this position, Jonathan," Aunt Kate demanded as her right hand slowly circled the surface of his pale white bottom cheeks.

"I ... I ... forgot to bring home a syllabus for each class, Aunt Kate," he said with a shaky voice.

"That's correct. Part of college is learning to be organized and disciplined. As I studied your high school transcript, those are two traits that were obviously missing. Had your mother instituted a more structured setting for you, young man, you might have had better grades and certainly would not be in this position at this very moment."

"Yes, Aunt Kate," Jon replied, hoping that if he played the sycophant she might go easier. "I'm certain you are correct."

"I most certainly am," his aunt retorted. "Now hang on, this is not going to be very comfortable for you. You do not want to interfere with my efforts and you most assuredly do not want to try and escape what you are destined to receive."

Jon was about to parrot his early, "Yes, Aunt Kate," but he choked on the words as several rapid-fire swats landed harshly on his ill prepared behind. Never having experienced a true spanking even once in his life, Jon was shocked into silence by the pain of her assaulting hand.

Aunt Kate bent to her task, peppering his bouncing pale cheeks with quick, efficient swats. Her hand warmed his bottom to the point that Jon was certain she was really scalding his backside.

"OWWWW!" he squealed. "You're killing me, Aunt Kate!"

"Nonsense," she barked. As she continued to rain down spanks on his beleaguered bottom, Kate was both amused and pleased by his reaction. She was also a bit disappointed. When she had first glimpsed his bare, muscled bottom, she thought Jon would have been able to suffer a simple hand spanking with more dignity.

Still, her amazingly heavy hand rose and fell, beating out a tattoo of rhythms on the drum head taut skin of Jon's backside. Jon squealed and protested, eventually letting his legs kick in place as his body twisted and turned over her lap. Poor Jon had dual sensations also. He was alternately mortified at being treated like a snot-nosed brat and shocked at how hard and painful Aunt Kate could spank. As far as he was concerned, his aunt was a dynamo in the spanking department and long before she stopped the spanking, Jon resolved to never find himself in this position again.

And Jon told his Aunt Kate exactly that ... over and over and over.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Kate," he gushed between his yips and yelps. "I'll be better! I'll pay more attention!"

His pleas were music to her ears, though she did not relent for even a second. That hard and seemingly heavy hand battered Jon's bottom, letting him know exactly who was in charge.

Gasping and still pleading and promising, Jon did not immediately realize the spanking had stopped. He was sniffling loudly, though he had managed to take his spanking without any overt sobbing. Aunt Kate let him recover a bit as she slowly let her red hot spanking palm draw circle after circle on his well punished bottom.

Finally, Kate gave Jon a pair of tepid swats as she said, "Up you go, young man. Thirty minutes more in the corner should help you remember to bring home the missing documents." As he stood up, Kate pointedly looked to Jon's groin and huffed as she noted, "I told you it would go away. Now keep that red bottom on display while you are in the corner."

Jon shuffled off to the corner, sniffling as he went, and thoroughly grateful that this spanking was over. He was humiliated, but had little option aside from taking what Aunt Kate dished out. As he stood in the corner, he also realized it had been his own fault that he had earned that spanking. Kate had told him twice what she expected to have in hand when he got home, yet he had ignored the order and it had cost him.

Little did Jon know, as he considered his fate in the corner, that he had just suffered the first of what would be many spankings from Aunt Kate. What he couldn't know was that he had just endured what would prove to be the most lenient spanking of his academic career.

Months earlier, Jon had been ecstatic when his mother gave him the news that his Aunt Kate had secured his acceptance and admission to the university where she worked as a Professor of Psychology. Kate was his late father's slightly older sister in her early forties and he remembered the many times she had come to visit when he was younger.

Kate had been loads of fun and visited often despite the six-hour drive from her home in New England. It had always been amusing to him to see his dad's demeanor change anytime Aunt Kate said something teasing. It was like his father wilted before his older sister, but to Jon, Aunt Kate's visits were always filled with fun. Still, his dad's sudden mood swings were a source of entertainment and wonder. Just how did she do it?

Those visits all but disappeared when Aunt Kate got married. Jon still remembered the wedding and immediately disliking his new uncle. His worries about the man were confirmed when the week-long visits she used to make became a day or two at best and become more infrequent. Then Jon's father had been killed in a car wreck and his funeral was the last time he had seen Aunt Kate.

Later, Jon hoped that her visits would resume when he learned from his mother that Aunt Kate had divorced the man that Jon had grown to despise. But those visits never resumed. His mother told Jon that his aunt had an important job at the university and it made it difficult for her to get away.

All Jon had left at that point were fond memories of a fun-loving aunt who could tweak his dad into strange moods. He also remembered having a slight crush on his aunt, but that was long ago. Jon had to admit, though, that the current version of his only aunt was still a remarkably beautiful and athletically built woman.

Then came the big surprise that Aunt Kate had gotten Jon into college and that, despite the very expensive nature of that university, Jon would be able to afford it with Aunt Kate's help.

© Jack Crawford
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