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1. You Should Have Told Me

by Scott Temuujin

Julie Swenson's hand slowly strayed into her panties and down to her pussy as she read the text displayed on the monitor of her laptop. The fair-skinned 32-year-old blonde was getting to the meat of yet another spanking story, which had lately become one of her favorite guilty pleasures. This particular tale was a classic teacher-spanks-schoolgirl story. The pretty young woman was just getting to the part where the teacher had taken his naughty student over his knee and flipped up her skirt when she suddenly moved her hand away from her pussy and closed her laptop.

"Hey there, beautiful, taking care of some business before heading to work?" teased Rex, Julie's husband, as he entered the room.

"I know, you're a teacher and you're getting a week off for winter vacation. We can't all be so lucky," replied Julie in mock annoyance. In reality, she was just feeling relieved she'd managed to hide her little secret before her husband entered the room. Or so she thought...

Julie then gathered her items together for work and pushed her thin wire-rimmed glasses into place as she turned to kiss Rex before heading out the front door and into her car to leave for work. As Julie entered the car, she took a second to look in the rear view mirror to make sure her hair and makeup were in proper order. Her pretty pale blue eyes stared back at her in the mirror as she brushed a strand of her mid-back length light blond hair behind her left ear.

As she drove to work, Julie couldn't help but keep thinking about the story she'd been reading and wondering how it was going to turn out. The fact that her husband was also a teacher only served to make the yarn more arousing. She'd had many fantasies of going over Rex's knee like a naughty schoolgirl, but she was so shy that in their six years of marriage, she'd never been able to bring herself to even talk about such fantasies with her husband, let alone act them out.

Meanwhile, Rex was at home relaxing and enjoying the work-free Friday morning. This day marked the beginning of his winter vacation which was to last through the following week. Rex was a social studies teacher at Hollows Academy, an all-girls' private high school. Being a fan of spanking himself (though he'd never mentioned this to his wife), Rex would often let his mind wander to thoughts of Julie wearing a sexy little schoolgirl uniform like the ones worn by his students. The thought of taking her over his knee, flipping up her skirt, and sliding down her panties to prepare for her spanking always provided a rush during the silent moments in class when students were taking tests.

Though Julie didn't know it, Rex had heard a few of her small moans of pleasure which she'd done her best to silence while she was reading the spanking story. His curiosity piqued, he decided to hide just around the corner in the hallway and see what Julie was up to. Upon seeing that her hand was in her panties and it was obviously related to what she was viewing online, Rex decided to take a look at Julie's web browser history once she'd left the house. After finishing up a cup of coffee, he proceeded to do just that.

After re-opening her laptop, Rex launched the browser. After a quick press of the control and H keys, the list of websites Julie had been perusing popped up. Rex couldn't believe his eyes as he clicked each link and found spanking story after spanking story as well as a few videos mixed in. He also noted the fact that every story and video featured a male spanking a female, frequently including a teacher/student plot.

"I can't believe this," marveled Rex. "Julie is just as turned on by spanking as I am! How have I known her for ten years and been married to her for six without knowing this?"

Rex continued to read on through the stories and decided that now he finally had an opportunity to transform his fantasies of spanking Julie into reality. For so many years he'd admired the spry young woman's tight and firm little ass and thought of how nicely it would redden, given the creamy pale color of Julie's skin. He knew he had to act quickly, and consequently decided to take a direct approach. After coming up with a quick little poem, Rex made a call to a local florist which offered delivery service. He then set about the task of collecting all of the seemingly innocuous household items he'd dreamed of using as spanking implements for so long.

For Julie, the workday was carrying on in much the same as any other Friday at the mortgage brokerage firm where she was employed. Calls as well as in-person chats with clients had forcefully kept Julie's mind on business rather than on finishing what she had started at home that morning. All of this was to change, however, when Julie returned to her desk after her lunch hour was up. As she sat down, she smoothed out her light green dress and took her seat. It was only then that she noticed that there was a single red rose in a vase along with a card at the corner of her cubicle.

Julie blushed as she saw this, something she frequently did whenever Rex pulled off a romantic move. As she admired the rose and began to reach for the card to see its contents, Alicia slid up next to her in her swivel chair. The bubbly young woman doubled as Julie's co-worker and best friend and was eager to see her reaction as she had been present when the florist stopped by to deliver the rose.

"So it seems like the best husband in the world has struck again," said Alicia with a smile. "Of course, the weekend is on the horizon. I'm sure he has plans to make some fireworks with you in bed tonight," continued Alicia, giggling at how easy it was to embarrass her ultra-shy friend. "Well come on, let's see what the card says!"

"All right, all right, I'm opening it," replied a still-blushing Julie. Little did she know what she was about to read would make her blush ten times more deeply. As she opened up the card, she silently scanned the little poem Rex had come up with, which read:

Roses are red, violets are blue
I am a spanko, and you are too.
How did I uncover this mystery?
Simple - I checked your web history.
Soon your work day will come to a close
And your ass will be turned as red as this rose.

If Julie felt shy before, she was absolutely mortified now. Trying to find something to say to get rid of Alicia for the moment so she wouldn't have to reveal the message, she quickly stashed the card into her pocketbook.

"Well, what did it say?" asked Alicia, drumming her fingers on her knees.

"Well you know... some things are just meant to be kept between lovers," was Julie's coy reply.

"Got ya, you naughty girl," said Alicia with a smile that left Julie wondering if she'd pre-read the card or if the florist had spilled the beans.

Sinking back into her chair and getting back to work, Julie was brewing with more than just embarrassment. She was incredibly aroused - more than she had ever been at any other point in her life. She was delighted to find out that not only did Rex not find her fetish creepy, but he seemed to be just as into it as she was. She also began to feel a bit of fear, wondering how hard Rex would spank and if she'd like spanking in real life as much as she did in her fantasies.

For the remaining three hours of her shift, Julie could barely sit still in her chair. She figured she'd better snap out of it and enjoy sitting comfortably, as it might be the last time she did so for quite a while. She somehow managed to pull herself together enough to continue with business as usual until 5pm arrived and, with it, the end of her work week. As she gathered the rose and her pocketbook and left for her car, she walked through the parking lot, trembling with anticipation of what this night and weekend would bring.

Back at home, Rex busied himself as the afternoon progressed. After getting confirmation of the floral delivery having being made, he retreated to his upstairs study. There, he laid out a group of spanking implements atop a towel in a horizontal line across his desk. A hairbrush, wooden spoon, ruler, licorice whip, old fashioned leather shaving strap and freshly cut switch from the birch tree in their backyard made for quite the imposing lineup.

Rex had dressed up for the occasion, choosing to wear dress pants, a freshly ironed shirt, tie, and the classic tweed jacket with leather elbow pads. He'd modeled this outfit to match the description of the teacher who was featured in the spanking story Julie had been reading that morning. He also decided Julie should comply with a certain dress code, the manner of which she'd discover as soon as she got home.

Though Julie's commute home from work only took about ten minutes to complete, it seemed to have passed in about ten seconds. After pulling into the garage, Julie nervously gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles began to turn white and her panties began to feel a bit wet. Taking a deep breath, she found the courage to get up and go inside. When she walked into the kitchen, she was shocked to see a short plaid skirt, tiny white shirt, knee-high white socks, and black heels laid out on the table. As she walked over to the captivating ensemble, she noticed an envelope sitting on top of the skirt.

With her hands shaking, Julie opened the envelope to read a handwritten letter from Rex. She began to move her lips silently along with the contents of the letter, which read:


What a naughty young lady you've been. I saw you with your hands down your sexy little panties this morning. I also saw all of the dirty stories you've been reading online. I've wanted to spank that cute little ass of yours since the day we met but you chose to hide your interests from me and deprive me of the experience. You should have told me about your fantasies. Change into the outfit I've laid out for you on the table and then meet me in my study. You're about to go over my knee to be punished for hiding this from me and repressing our mutual desires for so many years.


Mr. Swenson

After reading this letter, Julie didn't know if arousal, fear, excitement, or embarrassment was the emotion dominating her existence at the moment. She decided it was a four-way tie as she walked down the hallway and into the bathroom to change into her schoolgirl outfit. She stripped off her dress, pantyhose, and shoes before turning her back to the bathroom mirror and looking over her shoulder to get a view of her panty-clad buttocks. Her white satin panties were nearly the same color as her porcelain skin and left just the smallest amount of her ass visible at the sides and on the bottom. As she gingerly ran her hands over the curves of her ass, Julie wondered how long it would be before it would sport its natural color again.

Deciding it would be a bad idea to keep Rex, or 'Mr. Swenson' waiting, Julie put on her schoolgirl outfit as quickly as she could.

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