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by Peter Martin

Unforeseen Consequences

Miranda and Charlie were waiting for Susie and her mum, Karen, to arrive for tea.

Susie was Charlie's girlfriend. Both were eighteen-years-old. Karen was thirty-nine-years-old like Miranda.

While they waited, Miranda and Charlie played over in their minds the conversation they'd had which had led to Karen and Susie being invited over for tea. The conversation was fresh in both their minds.

Miranda had placed Charlie's credit card bill face up on the dining room table.

"What's this item on your credit card, Charlie?" Miranda had asked.

Charlie had just come in from school, had been to his room to get changed and ready for the meeting, and was met by a stern-looking mum. Charlie looked at his mum who was dressed in a sleeveless floral summery dress. Charlie was also dressed for the warm summer's day that it was as he wore a short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts. He thought for a moment as he wasn't sure how to start. It was always a discussion he was likely to have to have, and whilst he had played it over in his mind he had really hoped it would never happen.

"Well?" Miranda insisted.

Charlie stammered his initial reply. "Erm, well, err ..." he started.

Miranda could tell that her son was embarrassed, but then she had expected him to be, bearing in mind that the payee was not a name that she recognised. The same thing had occurred with a number of her friends where their sons or daughters had signed up for porn sites. This was because, under the new rules, anyone watching porn on the internet had to prove they were eighteen-years-old. The only way to do that easily was to provide credit card details.

So, whilst Miranda was fairly confident that her son had been viewing porn on the internet, she was just as concerned in knowing what kind of porn he was looking at.

"It's nothing of interest to you, Mum," Charlie tried.

Miranda could see Charlie's reluctance but pressed on. "Come on Charlie," she said, sounding as friendly as she could. "Why don't we put something on and I can see what you've been looking at."

Charlie knew that was a standard approach by parents. One of his best friends had fallen for that trick, and when his mother saw that his friend had been looking at sites involving corner time, she had made him face the corner for thirty minutes before releasing him. She then identified a naughty spot in each room in the house and had proceeded over the next few weeks to call 'Time Out', and have him stand there with his nose pressed against the wall time and again.

Mind you, Charlie then reminded himself that doing corner time was exactly what his friend wanted. In fact, so much so that he sounded reluctant when he told his mum that he also enjoyed doing lines. His mum had proceeded to set lines whenever she felt it necessary. She then set down a list of rules that needed to be adhered to. If rules were broken then that led to lines being given. Similarly, any back chat or arguing led to another 'Time Out' being called and another trip to whichever naughty spot was in that room.

Miranda saw the quandary on her son's face and said more sternly, "Give me the password and I will log us on, Charlie."

Remembering this, although with some trepidation, Charlie gave his mum the password and she logged on to the site. The first screen had the unmistakable heading of, 'How to Discipline Your Adult Children.'

Miranda gave Charlie a serious-looking stare, and made the deliberate comment, "Not so different to Danny then?"

Charlie could see the similarity, but did not have Danny's draw towards corner time and lines. His was a far more physical desire to be spanked. However, he was not looking to be spanked by his mum but instead by other women of her age. He wanted a maternal style spanking but just not by his own mum.

Miranda had had a sneaking suspicion regarding Charlie's interest in discipline. For some years he had happily tapped his cousin's bottom. Miranda had often told him off for doing that, although Celia had never been overly concerned. Nevertheless, Miranda had rather assumed that Charlie was veering towards giving a spanking rather than receiving one.

"So let me get this straight, Charlie," Miranda asked her son. "Are you looking to spank an adult and if so would that be a man or a woman?"

Miranda was surprised to see Charlie blush, but that told her that she had got it wrong. "I see," Miranda continued. "It's not that you want to spank someone else, but rather that you want to be the one who is spanked then?"

Charlie remained silent, and was unable to deal with the questioning. Miranda understood her son's continued reluctance to discuss his fantasy. However, she wanted to understand better what he wanted.

"So when Danny's mum found out what he wanted, she helped him by feeding his fantasy. I can help you in the same way," Miranda said, trying to be understanding and helpful.

Charlie, though, remained almost speechless as he listened to his mum, even though he could see that she was trying to help.

Miranda was feeling helpless at the lack of response from Charlie, but still wanted to help. She could also feel herself becoming angry because of her son's lack of response, and made the assumption that he wanted her to take control of the situation, so she ordered, "If you are going to be so rude, Charlie, then you will have earned a spanking right here and now. Come with me to your bedroom where I will take down your trousers and underpants, put you across my lap, and spank your bare bottom."

That did at least get a reaction from Charlie, but not the one that Miranda had expected. Charlie sneered at his mum and said rudely, "I don't want you to spank me. You are my mum and I am too old to be spanked by you. I went on this site to try to find a woman who found spanking me sexy."

This tirade shocked Miranda. Even so, she had at least got Charlie to start to express his feelings. She decided she had to stay calm to try to understand what her son was thinking.

"Does Danny find doing corner-time and lines sexy?"

Charlie was getting annoyed with his mum and replied fiercely, "Yes, Mum. He masturbates afterwards actually."

Charlie saw the surprise on his mum's face, but at the same time realised he had told his mum something that Danny hadn't ever admitted to his own mum.

Miranda didn't like Charlie's outburst, but still needed to probe further.

"Do you find the thought of being spanked sexy, Charlie?"

Charlie wanted to stop the conversation, but knew that his mum would only stop when she was happy that she had all of the answers that she wanted, so he replied aggressively, "Yes, Mum, but not a spanking from you as you aren't sexy to me."

In reality, Miranda was happy to know that her son didn't look on her as a sex object. However, it was important to her to ensure that her son remained safe. She was well aware that meeting people on the internet was not the safest of things to do. She therefore made a proposal to her son.

"Would it help, Charlie, if I at least gave you a spanking so you would know what it was like?"

"I already know that, Mum," said a now flustered Charlie.

"How come?" Miranda demanded to know.

Once again Charlie realised he had given away too much information. He blushed again and replied quietly, "I just do know."

Miranda again changed tack and asked, "Does Susie know about your fantasy?"

"She is far too young to spank me," Charlie replied fiercely.

Miranda still stayed calm and replied, "So I'm no good because I am your mum, and Susie is no good because she is too young. Is that correct so far?"

"I guess so," Charlie conceded.

"Susie is coming over tonight, isn't she?" Miranda asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Well yes," Charlie replied. "So what?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

Miranda looked sternly at her son and said, "Maybe if Susie spanked you and I watched then the two together would be a fantasy for you?"

"No way, Mum," Charlie replied in a concerned tone.

"What if I spanked you and Susie watched?" she tried.

Charlie seemed to hesitate at the suggestion. He had fantasised about being spanked by an older woman and being watched by girls his own age.

Miranda noticed her son's hesitation. She was getting closer she felt.

"Alternatively, Susie's mum could spank you with Susie and me watching."

Charlie bit his lip before asking, "Do you think she would?"

That was a move forward Miranda told herself.

"It must be worth asking her," Miranda replied.

Charlie remained thoughtful, but again reverted to silence.

Miranda kept prying and asked, "Does Susie's mum ever smack Susie on the bottom?"

Charlie laughed at that and replied, "No but I do."

"Oh I see," Miranda replied thoughtfully. "Does Susie ever object to that?"

"Not really," Charlie replied. He then added, "Her mum has told me not to do it."

"Do you think Susie actually likes to have her bottom smacked?" Miranda asked.

"I don't know," Charlie replied. "I suppose I do it because of my desire to have my bottom spanked."

The doorbell rang and Miranda said, "Well that must be Susie and her mum. Let's not do anything hasty, but I think we should find out more about how they think."

Moments later, Susie and Karen were seated. Susie sat on the sofa next to Charlie. Karen and Miranda each sat on an armchair.

Karen was dressed like Miranda in a sleeveless summery dress while Karen was in a vest top and miniskirt.

Charlie had told Susie about his conversation with his mum so at least she was aware of what the conversation was likely to lead to. Susie in turn had told her mum so that she was warned as well.

So after Miranda had served up coffee and cake and biscuits she settled down to try to establish just what Susie and Karen thought about Charlie's desires. Or at least that is, what Charlie and Susie thought.

Miranda had in fact discussed the whole issue with Karen over the telephone. Karen had confirmed that she was unhappy with Charlie smacking Susie on the bottom as she felt it was disrespectful.

The two mums had gone on to discuss how they should deal with Charlie's fantasy. Karen was anxious to reach a conclusion for her daughter's sake. Neither parent would hold the fantasy against Charlie as both accepted that spanking and being spanked was a fairly common fantasy amongst both boys and girls as well as adult men and women.

It was agreed that Karen would discuss the matter with Susie before they came over for tea. What Karen found out certainly surprised her, and she eagerly outlined what she'd discovered to Miranda. It was then that the two mums decided upon how they would play out the afternoon.

The only discussion was to be about Charlie's fantasy, and to see what Susie thought about it.

It was clear that Susie and Charlie had discussed the same thing between themselves. Susie seemed tense, but was open to the discussion.

Susie thought that she was dropping a bombshell when she said, "Actually, my fantasy is very similar to Charlie's, as I also want to be spanked by a woman Mum's age, but not my mum."

Karen asked, "Do you both want to be given discipline spankings or playful spankings?"

Charlie gave a disparaging sounding answer. "What do you think?"

© Peter Martin
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