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by Lewis Stone

Different Folks, Different Strokes

Grant glanced at his brother and wondered if he had the same expression on his own face as Jack did. At the age of seventeen, Grant never expected to have his bare bottom spanked, and he knew sixteen-year-old Jack was thinking exactly the same thing. As Grant switched to looking into his new step-mom's face, he knew what he had never expected would be reality in about five minutes. Alice had married their father four months ago, and she was determined that Richard's children obey her just as they obeyed Richard.

Their dad had left on a business trip out of country three days prior and would not be home until the next day. Alice had caught the two boys wrestling in the hallway and had smelt their dad's whiskey on their breath upon returning from visiting a friend. She decided it was time to show that step-moms were just as good at disciplining bad boys as fathers were.

Alice glared at Grant as she said, "Both of you, into the den and strip those jeans off. You know your dad would whip your butts for fighting in the house. Drinking his whiskey would guarantee you would not sit down for a week. Your dad may not be here, but I guarantee you will not be sitting comfortably while you wait for him to get home."

Jack said, "Please Alice, we weren't fighting! We were just playing, not really fighting."

Alice spun to look at Jack. "And the whiskey, Jack, was that just playing as well?"

Grant stepped in to defend his brother though he knew it might just make it worse for both of them. "We only had two little shots each, Alice, just to see what it tasted like. Dad has allowed us to drink wine sometimes."

"You know your dad was very clear when he left, Grant. Jack and you both heard him say I would be in charge and you were to obey me. Was there anything you didn't understand about his instructions?"

Grant and Jack both shook their heads; the instructions had been very clear. Seeing their reactions, Alice continued, "I said get into the den and get your pants off. Is there anything you don't understand? If you're having difficulty with my instructions, let me know right now. I plan to have you both over my knee for a good paddling, but I can always get your dad's cane if you would prefer."

That was when Grant looked at Jack's face to see his expression. Jack's face registered the same confusion and he had the same questions that Grant had. Both boys knew the punishment from their dad would be worse if they dared disobey Alice. When Richard had married Alice, he had made it clear he expected they would obey her, though he had taken the lead with the boys since the marriage.

Alice followed them into the den. "Grant, you can stand in that corner and Jack, you can occupy the one over there. Get those jeans down and be quick about it, unless you want me to help you."

Grant watched as Alice placed a wooden armless chair in the middle of the room and then left the room. He was wondering why she had left until she came back in holding her wooden hairbrush. He and Jack caught each other's eye when she placed the hairbrush on the floor beside the chair. It had a twelve-inch handle and an oval wooden back of at least two inches in diameter. Both boys had seen her brushing her hair with it every morning. Neither had ever thought they would be feeling the back of it over their bare bottoms.

Alice took her seat on the chair and turned to Grant. "OK mister, over here right now! You are the oldest and should know better. I expected you would show me just how much of a young man you were on your dad's first trip away, but instead you proved that you still need guidance. I may be your step-mom, but I can, and I will, provide that guidance."

Grant had moved within a foot of her lap and moved his hand back to hold on to his shorts. He hoped that she would afford him the dignity of keeping his underwear in place due to his age and her being an attractive woman. Alice took hold of Grant's wrist and pulled him forward until he had no choice but to bend when his legs couldn't move forward anymore because of contact with her thigh. Grant's one hand still held on to one side of his shorts when the other came down to grasp the edge of the chair to help ease his downward motion. He felt her hand slide under the elastic holding up his shorts and a sudden tug soon had his shorts down by his knees.

"Raise your feet, Grant, so I can remove those shorts. I'm a strong believer in making sure spankings are on the bare bottom." As she gave the instructions to raise his feet, she pushed his t-shirt up around his armpits. He would be entirely nude from his armpits to his toes except for his socks.

Grant started to beg. "Please Alice, can't I just keep them on, they won't interfere."

Alice slapped his right butt cheek hard. "Are you arguing with me, Grant?"

"No Alice, I wasn't arguing."

"I think you were arguing, young man, so now you will raise your feet and you can remove your t-shirt as well. I can always get the cane if you want to continue to argue."

Grant raised his feet and he felt his underwear being quickly swiped over them. Having removed his t-shirt, he was now naked from his head down to his socked feet. Alice looked over at Jack who was staring at the scene in front of him. "Since your older brother set the example, this is the way you will be spanked as well, so remember that when it is your turn."

Alice felt a grim satisfaction having Grant naked over her lap. He had often sought out his father for decisions when he knew her answer would have been the opposite of what his father had said. Jack had often done the same trick, and although Alice appreciated Richard being willing to care for his children, she had often suggested that more discipline was needed. She often aimed her suggestions for the boys to receive discipline over the parental lap.

"I want you to clasp your hands behind your head and keep them there while I am using my hand. When I use my hairbrush you may keep one of your hands on the floor, but the other will always be holding on to the chair leg or my ankle; are we clear? If your hands come near your bottom, I will spank you again after Jack's spanking and I will continue until you do it properly. Is that understood as well?"

He barely had time to clasp his hands behind his head and answer, "I understand" before her hand came down on his bottom hard and fast. Grant felt her hand alternating between both his butt cheeks and upper thighs at the rate of over forty times a minute. He knew right then that Alice could spank him as well as his real mother or dad could. Having to hold his hands behind his head while her hand turned his bare bum a bright pink only made him realize even more just how much he would have to submit to her.

"Time for the hairbrush, Grant; remember one hand must always be holding the chair leg or my ankle. Your other hand must not come above your head or else I will paddle you again."

Alice had worn knee-high boots when she had been out visiting her friends, so when Grant grasped her ankle he felt the soft leather of her boot somehow smoothing to his body. Alice moved her lower leg outward to make it easier for him to hold. Grant wrapped both arms around her leg and held on tight as the hairbrush paddled his bottom for the next several minutes. As the paddling continued a strange feeling came over him; he knew for some reason he would be over her lap again in the future. Holding on to her leg and listening to her lecture him about behaving properly or suffering the consequences over her knee felt so proper to him.

As Jack stood watching, he knew he would certainly be next and wondered if holding on to her leg like Grant was doing so fervently was making the hairbrush smacks a little easier to take. Jack watched Grant kick his legs and buck on Alice's knee; the hairbrush certainly did a good job. The only thing Jack could think of was how could he possibly take all the punishing smacks Alice was sure to deliver on his bare bottom.

Alice continued with her hairbrush, smacking Grant's bare bottom until it was bright red and had purple spots showing every few inches. She was glad Grant had grabbed onto her lower leg. It made her feel that he had submitted fully to her, and it was only a matter of applying her hairbrush to make sure he got the message that she would spank him whenever she thought he needed it. Alice did not sense the change in Grant while she applied the hairbrush; she was too much into her own feelings of power and control over the young male than to note any difference, except for his level of howling and writhing over her knee.

Twenty minutes after Grant had bent over Alice's knee for the first time she let him stand up and return to his corner. Grant had to keep his hands clasped behind his head while he listened to Jack going through the same process he had just completed.

Alice had Jack stripped completely before taking him over her lap. She started with a dozen from her hairbrush because Jack had backed away when she had taken his wrist to place him over her knee. Alice had called it rebellion and Jack paid the price of a dozen smacks from the hairbrush before she used her hand. Alice would not put up with any rebellion and felt Jack should learn the first time that there would be a price paid for even the slightest sign of not obeying her.

The next evening around seven o'clock, Richard arrived home, glad to be back to his family and looking forward to hearing how his family had got along on his first extended business trip. The three of them, Alice, Grant, and Jack, watched Richard's reaction to the account of the boys over Alice's lap. It was hard to tell by his reaction what he would do or say, but all three of them knew he would not be very happy.

Richard stood up from the kitchen table where he had sat listening to their accounts of what had happened and why. He took off his belt and looked at the two boys saying, "You will obey your step-mother in the future, do you understand loud and clear?"

Both Grant and Jack went to their bedrooms after nodding their understanding of their dad's instructions. Richard told them he would be in later to discuss their future behaviour.

Looking at Alice, Richard took her hand. "Come, my sweet, we need to have some time alone to discuss this situation."

Normally, Alice knew privacy meant Richard wanted to take her to bed, but as they walked to their bedroom in the far end of the house, he was swinging his belt and she began to get very nervous. She backed into a corner in the bedroom and folded her arms, not sure what to expect while Richard closed and locked the door.

© Lewis Stone
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