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by Rick Marlowe

The Merry Wives of (West) Windsor

"It's so good to be home," Carol exclaimed as she unlocked the door with the key from under the mat. It was her husband who lugged the suitcases up the front steps.

"Home?" Bob asked. "Don't you mean Alice and Ted's home?"

"You know what I mean. Here - West Windsor. New Jersey. I can't believe you talked me into a move to Ohio."

"Me? You were the one who wanted to be closer to your family."

"Oh, right them. Well, anyway, it's great to be back, if only for a visit."

"Can you bring in the rest of the things from the car while I get the bags upstairs?'

"Oh sure. Say, look who's taking a trip to Hawaii." Not-so-casually going through the papers on the table in the foyer, she had come across her friends' itinerary. "How come we never go anywhere?"

"We did go somewhere - we're here," Bob replied, coming back down the steps. "Hey, you can't go through their stuff like that." He grabbed the papers from her hand and put them back on the table.

"Why not - you go through all their financial stuff."

"That's different. I'm their accountant. I do their taxes."

"Sure, you always have an excuse for everything."

"C'mon, honey," he said, pulling her into his arms and giving her a kiss. "Let's just enjoy this little trip, ok?"

Feeling better in his embrace, Carol gave a coquettish smile. "You're right. Let's enjoy it. We could have a little fun." Her one hand began to caress him in the most intimate of places.

"Mmm, yes - but not right now. Thanks for reminding me about the taxes. Ted said he'd leave everything out in his study if I wanted to get started. Doing it now should leave us more time to visit for the rest of the weekend." He laughed as he pulled away. "I'll never understand how Ted can be such a genius at quantum physics, without having a clue about numbers with dollar signs in front of them."

"What I'll never understand," Carol mumbled under breath, "is how you can be such a genius at being a kill-joy."

"Huh? What was that? Oh - how about you look into ordering some Chinese or pizza or something? I'm sure our hosts would appreciate a bite to eat when they get home from work. We won't have much time before heading into the City for the show."

Bob whistled happily as he headed back upstairs to Ted's study.

Carol sighed. Bob and his stupid accounting. Bored, she began circling slowly throughout the first floor of the house. She had spent countless hours here before the move. The familiar furnishings and pictures comforted her. Here or there was a new vase, a new lamp. Alice had such good taste. In the den, she flopped down on the couch. Picking up the remote, she turned on the television. She flipped through the channels. Afternoon TV did nothing for her. Noticing a light on the DVD player indicating it had a disc, she decided to see what movie her friends had been watching.

Hmm. It seemed to be some kind of home movie... in Ted & Alice's bedroom! Alice was wearing a plaid skirt - and knee socks? - almost like some sort of school uniform, and Ted seemed to be scolding her. Carol sat up, and turned up the volume. Yes, Ted was scolding her all right, calling her a naughty little girl. What the heck was this all about? The next thing Carol saw was Alice being pulled over Ted's lap, She watched in rapt amazement as Ted began spanking his wife. After a dozen or so swats, he paused, but only to lift the back of her skirt to reveal Alice's panty-clad rear. The camera had been positioned to get a clear view of the proceedings. Once again Ted's hand started falling. The swats were harder now - Carol could see this, not to mention hear it. Alice was squirming, yelping whenever a particularly solid one landed. Again, the spanking stopped, this time as Ted peeled down Alice's panties. Carol could not help but watch as the smacks resumed, sounding more crisp than ever on bare, reddening skin. Periodically, Ted would scold the woman over his lap, with these remarks usually followed by a stinging volley. Alice was whimpering now, promising to be good. Ted replied that he knew she would, because he was going to make sure. With that promise, he reached over to the vanity to pick up a hairbrush. Carol winced. No way - he wouldn't! Oh, but he did, though not before first locking one leg over both of Alice's so that she could barely move. Then the hairbrush came raining down. Alice was crying out loudly, begging him to stop. After a couple of dozen solid whacks, he finally did. As Alice sobbed, Ted rubbed her bottom, assuring her that he loved her and would make everything better.

Carol switched the DVD player off. Feeling warm all over, she sat and contemplated what she had just seen. Then, she re-started the DVD so as to watch it again. This time she continued on further as Ted pulled Alice up into his arms, kissing her. He carried her over to the bed where, though slightly off-camera, the couple was clearly engaged in some intensely amorous activity. Yet again, Carol stopped and re-started the DVD from the beginning. Ted had just bared Alice's bottom when she heard her husband descending the stairs.

"Bob, come look at this."

It took him a couple of moments to realize just what... and who... he was viewing.

"Honey! You shouldn't be watching this." Initially, though, he made no move to stop her, or to look away himself. Having always admired Alice's shapely derriere, he wasn't going to miss his chance completely to get this delicious view. As the scene played out, though, he began to feel more uncomfortable. "I'm sure they meant that to be private. Honey. Carol!" He snatched the remote away from her and shut off the TV. He wasn't sure exactly what to say to his wife, who sat frowning on the couch. What he came up with was, "Did you order anything for dinner?"

"Not yet!" she barked back, as she got up and stomped out of the den. He heard the bathroom door slam.

"They're going to be home any time now. Oh, so I have to do everything? Fine."

He found a phone book, to look for the number of their favorite pizzeria. Shaking his head at Carol's juvenile behavior, he called to place an order. Jeez - he loved her, but she could be such a brat at times.

The mood improved when Ted and Alice arrived home, one shortly after the other. Warm greetings. Pizza. A quick change of clothes. Then a short walk to the train station to catch a train into the City. Before Carol and Bob had moved west, a trip into New York to see a show on Broadway, or even off-Broadway, had been a regular treat. Now it was something special. Tonight's choice, made months before, was Jersey Boys. Afterwards, they stopped for a drink, before taking a late train home. It was a good time for all - except for the fact that Carol seemed so much more withdrawn than usual. A couple of times Alice inquired what was wrong, only to be brushed off.

It wasn't until the wee hours of the morning that Bob and Carol were getting undressed for bed. As Bob snuggled in, Carol sat on the other side, thinking.

"Let's get to sleep. Ted and I have an early tee time tomorrow." It wasn't that early, but would seem to be after a long day traveling and a late night. Bob flipped off the light on his nightstand. After but a few seconds of darkness she turned on the lamp on her side. "Geesh, honey, turn that out."


He sighed. "Yes, dear?"

"Would you spank me?"

"Yeah, sure. Whatever. Let's just get to sleep."

"No, I mean now."

"Now what?"

"You're not listening to me."

He rolled over to look at her. "Ok, I'm listening."

"I want you to spank me. Now."

"Why? Oh, right. That damned video. I told you not to watch it."

"I'm serious, Bob."

A pause. "So, if I spank you, then can we please turn out the lights and get some sleep?"

"Of course, honey. And thank you. But you gotta sit up."

When her husband had gotten himself into a seated position, Carol lay across his lap on the bed. She had to wriggle around just a bit to get herself comfortable. Tentatively he gave her bottom a swat. Then another. He gave her a half dozen more, her derriere bouncing provocatively under her nightie as he did so.

"How's that, honey?"

She reached back to pull her nightie up clear of her bottom. "A little harder, maybe."

Dutifully he began to smack the seat of her panties, harder than before. She clenched her teeth, and dug her fingers into the bedding, willing herself not to cry out, lest he stop. Eventually, though, there came a pause.

"Um, honey - my panties?"

She lifted her hips so that he could pull them down. Again his hand started landing - maybe no harder than before, but because of her bare tush, they felt, well, crisper somehow. Every once in a while, a swat came a bit harder, nearly making her yelp. What her husband was thinking, just how weird he believed her to be, whether he was enjoying it, she didn't know. Actually, at the moment, she didn't really care - the sensation just felt so right.

By the time he finished, her rear end was good and tingly. Perhaps she could have taken more, but it felt so good, just like this, she wasn't inclined to risk spoiling it.

Bob hadn't said a thing through most of it, and didn't now that it was all over. But that was ok - he had done it when she asked. That was the good part. She had been so afraid he would laugh at her. Crawling off his lap, Carol snuggled in close to him. That night she slept so very soundly.

When Carol awoke the next morning, she was alone in bed. She really wanted to talk to Bob about what had happened. Was he avoiding her, suspecting this? Then she remembered - he and Ted had plans to meet friends for a round of golf. Sighing, she settled back into bed, recalling the events of the previous night. Suddenly, she got up, and opened the closet door, where there was a mirror on the back. Pulling down her panties, she inspected her backside. Nothing. It was as if the spanking hadn't even happened. She took a long shower, before getting dressed to head downstairs.

"Good morning, sleepyhead!" A chipper Alice had her waffle-iron hot and sausage on the stove. "I thought maybe you'd be sleeping the weekend away."

A short time later the two old friends were out on the deck, wrapped in blankets against the chilly April morning, having their breakfast. Carol couldn't get her mind off one particular subject. She merely nodded and "uh-huh'd" in a feeble attempt to keep up her end of the conversation.

"Carol," Alice said at last, "tell me what's wrong. You've been acting really strange, ever since you got here. It's nothing between you and Bob, is it?"

"No!" came the emphatic reply, but it didn't stop Alice's probing. Carol continued to dodge and weave with her answers until an uneasy silence ensued. She knew what she had to say. At last she broke the quiet.

"Um, Alice? Last night... I saw your home movie. The one you had left in the DVD player..."

© Rick Marlowe
Not to be reposted, reproduced or distributed, in part or whole.