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by Susan Thomas

There were four factors which led to my doing what I did. None of them were directly connected but all were crucial.

The first was that I have always been interested in spanking and wanted to be spanked. Don't ask me where that strange interest came from, I have no idea. I was never spanked growing up, not even an odd smack or swat. No school that I attended either in the UK or the USA ever even mentioned corporal punishment, and I knew no other kids who got spanked. However, right from an early age I felt all tingly at the thought, and whenever it was mentioned anywhere or I read something in a book, I'd feel drawn to be spanked myself. I longed to have very strict parents who spanked and go to a very strict school that used the paddle. Very strange I agree but that is how it was.

The second thing was that I had an inheritance. I'd already had one from my parents who had died when I was eighteen but I had put that money in a fund for the future and hadn't really touched it much. This was a huge inheritance which left me gasping. My great uncle was a self-made man and had no other family to leave it to. He despised charities and hated governments so left it all to me. I am not sure how sensible it is to leave that much to a 23-year-old girl but he did. I mean I could have gone mad and done the whole drugs, sex, clothes, clubbing and travel bit. I didn't but I was bewildered as to what to do. I didn't care for my job much, but what to do exactly?

The third factor was an article about a school that used the paddle. Apparently it didn't believe much in detentions, impositions, internal or external suspensions and used the paddle a fair bit. Someone attempted to ban it on the school board but the motion was heavily defeated. I was fascinated and researched the school and area. It was a fairly rural area with a small population and the town itself wasn't just low on crime but had virtually zero crime. It was the sort of place where dog poop was an issue! Parents there believed in spanking and used it. Doubtless they would claim the use of it kept the crime rate down but probably socio-economic factors were also at work.

The fourth factor was more an event. Normally, I shopped where I worked and lived so everyone knew me, but one day I had to leave my area and shopped for some wine and food because I had a few friends coming round.

"Sorry," said the checkout woman, "you're not old enough to buy wine."

"Pardon me?"

"You gotta be at least 21. Leave it there."

"But I'm 23. I have ID."

The grumpy woman just called a supervisor and I was taken to one side and she checked my ID very carefully.

"Well honey, you don't look it but this is you right enough and two sets of ID are enough for me. Don't be offended but we have to be careful."

"Do I really look that young?"

"Sure you do. Why you could pass for a teenager... say sixteen if you dressed right and did your hair differently. Easy I'd say. Don't be offended I'd love to be mistaken for younger."

But I wasn't offended. The germ of an idea had come to me on how to use my wealth and scratch my spanking itch. When my friends had gone that night, I began to think it through. I could pass myself off as sixteen and complete my last two years of high school. I had sort of been enrolled, but you try having two parents both diagnosed as terminally ill when you are sixteen and see how well you do. I could actually graduate this time and maybe go on to college. If I enrolled at the high school in the article I'd stand a high chance of getting a spanking. Education is a good use of money, right?

Of course, a sixteen-year-old can't live independently... someone was sure to question that. I'd need parents. That would be cool too... super-strict parents who would spank if I broke a curfew or something stupid. A whole real strict home and school experience. Well two years is a long time but it would either cure me forever of the spanking thing or confirm I was truly kinky... either way had to be good and no bad use of money. But how could I get parents and what would they be like?

I made out a list:

1. Not young... realistic for a sixteen-year-old so maybe 40 to 50 years old.

2. They couldn't have children already, too many complications.

3. Not total losers with criminal records, druggies or alcoholics.

4. In a difficult situation and needing a home and money, perhaps someone who'd lost their job in the big crash and was maybe struggling to get back up.

5. Kind, decent and clean.

I could rent or even buy a house with my inheritance but through a lawyer of course. They could get a salary and a sum of money for me and household expenses. I know I am impetuous but I got to it the next day. I got the lawyers onto finding me a rental or purchase house in the town where the high school was... a modest family home in a good area but not too flashy. Then I went to see a private detective. I told him I wanted him to find couples that met that my requirements. He was a large man with a huge belly who'd been a detective in the local PD. He'd seen it all and nothing surprised him, certainly not my list.

I expected the detective to take weeks but four days later he phoned me to say he had five prospective couples and would I come in to be briefed. He'd been very thorough: he had photographed them all in different situations; talked to neighbors; done criminal and credit checks; obtained references from former employers; got their education and employment histories; and done extended family checks. I wondered how on earth he'd done all that in just four days but didn't like to ask... perhaps he had help.

I liked the look of one couple. They were early 40s with a very good reputation for kindness, helpfulness and local volunteering. They'd wanted children but had none. They were still solvent in spite of both being made redundant by a company moving its work to the Far East. If they didn't get work soon they'd either have to raid their pension funds or sell their house. They didn't know what to do.

"Can you find out what their attitudes are on law and order issues and spanking kids at home and school... discipline generally?"

"Sure... I'm on it."

Two more days and he had a full briefing. They were conservative on raising children and spanking in school... could see nothing wrong with moderate use of the paddle in at least high schools if not younger. Thought most parents too lax with spoilt kids. Strong conservative views on law and order. "My kinda folks," he muttered.

My lawyer needed some persuading to go with the interview but he did it. The scenario: I was a sixteen-year-old orphan who, for entirely legal but secret reasons, had to move somewhere I wasn't known. I was to be cared for by a couple like them who would be paid properly and given a home and so forth but the couple had to pass me off as their child... papers would be provided that would appear to show that. They would get a two-year contract and in the meanwhile they would be able to rent their own property out thus solving their problem.

They of course had lots of doubts and questions but my lawyer, bless him, came up trumps and without compromising his ethics answered them all. They were really doubtful about the strict parenting and corporal punishment in the home. Was that really OK with the girl and could they meet her?

As I was in the next room watching the whole thing on a TV monitor it was no problem. I had dressed young, including my hair, and adopted a slightly defensive but vulnerable attitude.

"So, Karen, why do you want to do this?"

Well that was easy... just think back to how I felt at sixteen.

"Because I just want to feel normal for a while. You know mom, dad, school and friends. I don't want everyone peering at me anymore. No more 'Oh poor Karen, her poor parents.' Do you get that?"

I could see she did, tears were welling up when I said it but it was true in a way.

"OK, but what about all this strictness stuff. We don't object but most teenagers would, so how do you feel?"

"Well you haven't lived my life, have you? I am not used to study or obeying rules or just doing anything because I am meant to. I figure I need you to be strict..."

Again that was truthful. I had been pretty much independent since I was sixteen and I would struggle with those things; they accepted it but he was still worried.

"OK, Karen, I get that but look, this briefing pack says we can both use moderate corporal punishment on you if necessary. It even says we can ask you to bare your butt."

"Sure. Why not? You know I've seen what some kids do. I mean I've had no real guidance for like a long time. As for bare, have you seen what some people wear around? I mean what's a bare bottom... it's nothing."

Finally, they agreed and I could see by the look in her face that she was keen to mother me. That was OK by me; I hadn't been mothered in years. I'd cared for my parents at sixteen and was an orphan at eighteen... being mothered was just fine by me. A house was obtained, salary and other expenses settled as well as health and dental care for all of us. They rented out their house and a move was arranged.

Before all that was finished, I did some thinking about him. Men need to feel in charge and if he was unemployed it was going to be hard for him to feel like he was a proper husband and father. I went back to my private detective.

"This is the town we are moving to. This is his education and employment history. I've made a list of his skill set and I want you to see if you can find a business there that would require his skill set."

"I'm on it."

That task took longer. It was nearly two weeks before he got back to me by which time a lot of other stuff was moving along nicely. He'd found a business. It was outdoor power equipment: sales, spares and servicing. The owner was retiring but would help the new owner settle in. It was well situated with no problems regarding premises and I arranged to buy it with the help of one of my Great Uncle's former employees. We set up a holding company and advertised for someone to head it up. I made sure that my new 'dad' found out and sure enough he applied having no knowledge that I was in any way involved. In the meantime we got on with arranging the move to our new house and life. Once there I would have to be enrolled in the eleventh grade at the high school.

The journey was the first time I had spent any real time in their company and the first day of my new life as a sixteen year old.

© Susan Thomas
Not to be reposted, reproduced or distributed, in part or whole.