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by Guy Spencer

1. The No-Panties Option

Ella fidgeted outside the Principal's office, waiting to be called inside. She suspected, correctly, that the man was purposely delaying to make her stew. Wryly, and nervously, she realized that Mr. Chalmers' simple tactic was all too successful.

Ella was a senior at Bankside Baptist High, a popular school in Ella's town. In fact, Bankside was so popular that only the best students could gain admission. Bankside was a proper place, a place of rules, a place of correctness, and a place of discipline. Every year, each student was given a little booklet of school rules. All students were expected to know them. Right now, Ella was thinking of two particular rules: Rule 37 and the infamous Rule 38.

Rule 37 set out the procedures for corporal punishment. They were pretty standard for the day. Two staff members always had to be in attendance for any punishment. One served as an official witness, and you probably have a pretty good idea what the other did! There was surprisingly little said about punishment details, but the rule did specify 'at least one layer of clothing must be retained for modesty'.

Rule 38 was an exception to Rule 37. It allowed the Principal, and only the Principal, the option to apply corporal punishment 'without an intervening layer of clothing'. Bankside's female students called this rule 'the no-panties option', while the boys simply called it 'the bare ass rule'.

At Bankside, teachers usually confined their corporal discipline to no more than four swats, applied to either outer clothing or undies using a standard school paddle. Principal Chalmers dealt with repeated or serious offenses himself. Naturally, these punishments tended to be more memorable for the students. Mr. Chalmers didn't believe in paddling students. He thought a paddling was entirely too dignified a procedure! Besides, some students were able to calmly take several paddle blows. So Mr. Chalmers preferred to use an old fashioned punishment, the over-the-knee spanking!

Be it a petite freshman girl, or a husky senior football star, Mr. Chalmers' spankings were uniformly feared by Bankside students. His spankings always continued until the student was howling, kicking, and thoroughly humbled. Still, in spite of the school's reputation for discipline, Mr. Chalmers treated students fairly and was highly respected by staff, pupils, and parents. Spankings weren't a daily event in his office, and he rarely invoked the feared Rule 38.

Students visiting Mr. Chalmers' office for punishment always knew what to expect. Boys were required to remove their shoes, and then lower their uniform trousers to their ankles before placing themselves in the traditional position across the Principal's lap while retaining their undies. For girls it was the same, except they had to gather their uniform skirt, and raise it above their waist. A big man, Mr. Chalmers took pride in using only his massive right hand to apply a memorable corrective sting to his student's behinds. He had no need for paddles, hairbrushes, or other such implements.

They caught me fair and square. That's why I'm waiting outside Mr. Chalmers' door. This is the second time I've been caught skipping class. Even worse, this time I was caught leaving the campus. So I'm really in for it. The first time I was stupid enough to think that I could just hide out in the library. It didn't work. I was quickly caught and soon found myself across Mr. Chalmers' lap with my school skirt raised high and my panties on display. That spanking hurt like hell. I kicked and twisted and screeched like a toddler as I got my ass thoroughly tanned. It'll probably go the same today, except I fear there won't be any panties in sight!

I wouldn't have tried cutting class again, but I really thought I had it all figured out, and I really didn't want to dissect that frog in Biology. I guess they watch closer than I thought, because I barely made it off campus before they nabbed me. So here I am, nervously cooling my heals outside Mr. Chalmers' office.

Finally, Mr. Chalmers called the sweating girl into his office. Calmly and carefully, he verified what he already knew: not only was the girl guilty as sin, it was her second such offense this semester. Plus, she had made it worse by leaving the campus. He had spanked her over her panties last time. Now it was time to up the ante.

After a rather comprehensive scolding, he gave the girl one last chance to speak. Then came another dramatic delay before he passed judgment. As he pretended to deliberate Ella's fate, he looked out of his large window at the expansive green playing fields that surrounded the school. Those open spaces made it very difficult for a student to sneak off the campus. Additionally, a simple but very secret perimeter security system made escape virtually impossible. Ella didn't know it, but that bit of technology had been her undoing.

Finally, he spoke. "I see that I've already spanked you for skipping class once this semester."

Her eyes wide, her tummy doing flips, Ella couldn't find her voice, so she just nodded.

"Additionally, this time you also left the campus." Dumbly, Ella nodded again.

With a sigh, the Principal picked up his phone and dialed the two-digit number for the school nurse. The nurse's office was near, so Ella's sharp young ears heard a distant phone ring.

He exchanged greetings with the nurse, ascertained that she was free, and then got right down to business. Ella was treated to a one-way version of the conversation...

"I have Miss Ella Stevens in my office. I'm bringing her to you for a Rule 38 prep. OK? When you're done, please bring her back to me and then stay to witness. OK? Thanks."

At that, the Principal hung up the phone, got up from his desk, and took a firm grip on Ella's shoulder. Then he escorted her to the nurse's office.

My head was in a bit of a fog, but the rest of me was definitely in the nurse's office. I had heard that they do this when girls are about to get a Rule 38 spanking. The nurse was nice to me as she thumbed through my health file. But then she started asking me the most intimate questions! How was I feeling? When was my last period? What was I wearing under my skirt? A bit stunned, and with no alternative, I answered honestly: I was only wearing a brief pair of panties under my skirt.

I blushed at her next question! No, I wasn't wearing a pad.

Then she told me to kick off my shoes. That wasn't hard, but I'll never forget her next command. She told me to reach up under my skirt and remove my panties!

She had to tell me twice, but I finally did it. By now I was shaking like a leaf! I stood there like an idiot, simply holding my panties. Intellectually, I knew that nobody could see I was naked under my skirt, but I felt naked anyhow. Even though it was warm in the nurse's office, I was convinced that I could feel a cold breeze 'down there'.

Understanding my unease, she walked around the desk and put a comforting arm around my shoulder. "Go ahead and lay them on my desk," she said in a kind voice. "We'll come back afterwards to get them and your shoes."

Afterwards! That single word brought home exactly what was about to happen to me! I'm sure that I wasn't the first student to cry on that nurse's shoulder. She gave me a couple minutes to cry some of the fear and emotion out of my system, and then handed me a tissue.

"It's time for us to go get it over with," she said. I don't remember agreeing, but she took me firmly by the upper arm and led me out of her office and on to my bare-bottom spanking.

I was lucky to get the position of School Nurse here at Bankside Baptist High, but this particular part of my duty was at first a big concern to me. Especially concerning to me was Mr. Chalmers' insistence that students should be spanked rather than the more traditional 'bent over' paddling. It just seemed a little strange and overly intimate. Soon my worries about Mr. Chalmers evaporated. He was once a family man, but now is a lonely widower whose youngest children are in college. He says that spanking always worked best for his own kids, and his pupils deserve no less than the best. Always fair and never abusive, he spanks reluctantly, seeming to take no pleasure from that part of his duties. That said, his punishments are famously effective. Be it a petite freshman girl or an adult-sized senior boy, nobody escapes from his lap until they have been thoroughly punished and have totally yielded to his authority.

Therefore I had no reservations about preparing Ella for her punishment. The girl obviously knew that she had done wrong and was due to be punished. Yes, she cried a few tears, but she generally cooperated very well with me. Once I had her ready, I escorted her back to Mr. Chalmers' office.

I knocked on the door, and he immediately called us in. When I opened the door, Ella froze. For an instant, I thought there might be a scene, but the moment passed. With a little firm urging, Ella preceded me through the door.

As usual, Mr. Chalmers was still seated at his desk. "Explain to me exactly why you are about to be punished, Ella."

"I... I got caught cutting class and leaving the campus."

Naturally, that wasn't enough to please the Principal. Without lecturing her, he led her through the entire incident, and extracted the reason why she wanted to cut class. And then he led her through all the reasons why cutting class and leaving the campus without permission were dangerous and against the rules.

Finally, he told the girl about her imminent punishment...

"Given the severity of this offense and your previous record of cutting class, I'm forced to invoke Rule 38. Do you understand?"

"Y...yes sir."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you spank me on my bare bottom, s-sir."

And then the Principal asked me, "Everything is in readiness?" I assured him that it was. The girl was in good health and her clothing had been properly adjusted.

I was in a total fog. I don't even remember the nurse bringing me back into the Principal's office. Just suddenly, I was there, and I was feeling naked because I was wearing nothing under my skirt. Even though my skirt hid everything, I was blushing so hard my face felt hot.

That pre-spanking talk with Mr. Chalmers brought me back to my senses, but immediately I wished I had that mental fog back! He kept asking me questions, which forced me to produce reasonable answers. Finally, he told me that I was about to get a no-panties spanking, but naturally I had already figured that out.

His pre-spanking routine was the same as before. First he told me to drag a certain chair into the middle of the room. My eyes were so full of tears that I almost had trouble finding the right chair, but I got it done. I don't remember him standing up, but the next thing I knew he was sitting in that chair and looking at me expectantly. I started crying again, because I knew what I had to do next.

As I started to gather the hem of my skirt so I could lift it high, Mr. Chalmers looked away. He stared out the window as if he suddenly wasn't interested in me. That confused me at first. I guess I stood there and did nothing for a few seconds.

© Guy Spencer
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