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Southern Exposure: Season 4
a teenage boy's extraordinary journey into the fascinating world of spanking
By: Steve Timmons

Published: Dec 11, 2017
Words: 22,586
ASIN: B07831543P
Category: teen, sorority
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Price: $2.99
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The central character of this multi-volume spanking saga is John, who has grown up in the rural south of the USA in the 60's and 70s, during a time when spanking was commonplace. The story begins when he is almost seventeen...

John recounts the exploits of his sister Ann's experience of Hell Week at college. At 19, Ann is a freshman, and she and the other pledges were all rousted out of bed at 6am. First, they were required to dress in the special Kappa House Hell Week uniform which consisted of thong panties worn under very tight, very thin and very skimpy shorts. Up top, they wore white Kappa Pledge tee shirts, tied off at the midriff, without bras. They were informed that this would be their attire in house and around the grounds for the duration of Hell Week. And what a week it was, with sore and stinging bottoms all round. Ann was pleasantly surprised to find that Mike, one of the fraternity brothers, had taken a special interest in her. Being on the receiving end of his paddle made Ann aroused, and one thing led to another. A relationship was formed in which spankings feature regularly.

The story then focuses on John again. When Susan shows him a picture of her cousin Beth and explains she will be coming to stay, John is impressed, as Beth is his age and very attractive. He's even more impressed when Susan reveals that Beth has the 'spanking bug' and is keen for more personal tuition. And who better to administer the spankings than John? He's up for it, and to hone his skills further, enters into a mammoth spanking session with Susan. Susan goes upstairs and returns carrying the hairbrush, the small paddle and the OTK school strap. Having recently been on the business end of all three of those implements, John knows what they can do to a bare bottom, and the notion that he will soon have Susan wiggling and squirming across his lap as he practices with them on her luscious bare backside is a most appetizing prospect!