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The Spanking Life of Eileen
corporal punishment in a 1950's boarding school
By: Lisa Berry

Published: Nov 12, 2017
Words: 131,314
Orientation: mixed
Category: school
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Price: $4.99
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1957 is a significant year for Eileen because she marries John, a school housemaster at Manor House boarding school, where she begins her married life. Over the following months, she settles down into her new regime and offers practical, voluntary help to the Headmistress and her staff. Manor House has strict standards of discipline, and wayward pupils are given the slipper or cane. Eileen is no stranger to discipline, both giving and receiving, because before her marriage one of her thriving businesses was administering discipline to ladies of all ages... and in spite of her busy life at school, Eileen still finds time to visit her old friends for some enjoyable spanking sessions. But most of the discipline is centred in school, and when Eileen is offered the job of Housemistress, she gets to spank quite a few bottoms, with the older girls getting several whacks with the plimsoll or cane. Although formidable at times and unflinching in her duties to punish misbehaving girls, Eileen is also liked and respected.

So take a trip down Memory Lane to a time when corporal punishment in schools was common. Boarding School life is depicted with the strict Headmistress and Matron, and the staff who have their pupils' welfare at heart. It is a life Eileen comes to love.
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