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Spanking Classics - Volume 2
By: Leland Mays

Published: Oct 28, 2017
Words: 24,131
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This compilation of classic adult spanking stories includes the following:

She Forgot His Birthday: Tom is upset that his wife, Audrey, has forgotten his birthday, but he arrives home to a surprise... Audrey, bare from the waist down, is bent over ready and waiting for a spanking. Tom is more than happy to oblige. The spanking renews their flagging sex drive but it appears that there have been some crossed wires between the couple.

Two Spankings for Lady Southcott: Lady Caroline is not impressed with her husband's guest, Wyatt. She thinks he is a vile, common man and he is a cowboy too. She is very haughty and rude until Wyatt has had enough and decides to teach her some manners, Wyoming style, by spanking her. Her attitude improves after this and when her husband finds out what happened, he too starts to spank his wife and enjoys his marriage so much more afterwards.

Fallen Angels: Robert is a man who enjoys subduing a woman with a hard spanking. He muses over all the memorable spankings he has given, as, with the assistance of a large paddle, he deals with his boss's wife. He sends her home to her ineffectual husband and awaits the arrival of his own wife, Cheryl. But Cheryl returns late and has been very soundly spanked! This evening of revelations is certain to bring about a number of changes in the unusual marriage of Robert and Cheryl.

Shelter from the Storm: Riley Lawson knows there will be men hiding in his barn and he intends to teach them a lesson for trespassing and eating his apples. He grabs one of the three and lays into him with his strap. It is a while before he realises that it is actually a girl he is whipping, and he immediately stops. He takes her back to his house and finds her some clothes. He offers to take her to the station and buy her a ticket but this angers her. The solution is simple ... she must stay with him.

For a Good Time, Call Susie: Henry leaves his home in Indiana and visits Chicago hoping to make his fortune. He meets Susie, who is plying her trade in town. Not realising she is a prostitute, Henry berates her for the way she is dressed and tells her she needs a paddling. Susie takes him to her apartment where, much to Henry's surprise she produces a paddle of her own and lets him give it to her good and hard.

He's going to Spank Me!: Sam and Kathryn are so different, and yet they are perfect for each other. Sam had told Kathryn that morning that he was angry with her and she knows what that means. All day she has to think about it, knowing that she is going to be spanked that evening. The day drags but eventually it is time and Kathryn finds herself in the familiar position, over Sam's knee.

Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece: Poor Leonardo is trying his best to finish the commissioned painting, but his subject, Mona Lisa, is not the best model. During one of her many interruptions, a commotion outside gives him an idea for something that should help her sit still. He gives her a sound spanking and a delightfully crimsoned bottom.

Watch What You Say: The new pastor and his lovely wife are visited by Mrs Peavey, but as soon as she departs, the pair find they both have a very strong spanking urge. As they indulge, Mrs Peavey returns because she has forgotten her umbrella and is shocked to catch the pastor spanking his wife. It is some time before he gives into temptation again, pounding his wife's bottom, while she, normally the most reserved of women, cries out her delight in wild abandon.
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