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Spanked! - Volume 4
a spanking fiction anthology
By: LSF Publications

Published: Oct 26, 2017
Words: 75,367
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $5.99
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With 75,000 words and featuring 19 different authors, this anthology of spanking fiction features the following stories:

You Should Have Told Me by Scott Temuujin: Rex notices his wife becoming aroused while browsing online on her laptop, so he checks her web history and discovers that she has been reading spanking stories. It appears she is partial to teacher/student stories, and since Rex is a teacher himself he knows just how to plan a memorable evening for them both.

Wedding Howler by Austin Eldritch: It's the day of the 28-year-old Sophie's wedding to Lord Grimstone, a very wealthy man some 43 years her senior but the bride's troubled past comes back to haunt her. She agrees to a harsh spanking to silence a man who knows her somewhat unsavoury history, but little does she know his real motivation.

Rash Vow by Rachel White: Having failed to get the necessary grade in her test, Barb makes a call to Jim who she knows will punish her for it. Arriving at his apartment, she is blindfolded and stripped from the waist down as her bare bottom is subjected to 25 strokes with his leather belt.

Confession by Magdalena Barr: She is used to lying and stealing and getting away with it on a regular basis, but when her boyfriend Jim who is a stickler for the truth finds she has cheated in an exam, he is furious, and her bare bottom more than pays the price for her deception.

Zero Tolerance by Austin Carr: Pete Collins, a former Marine, is not at all happy when, as part of their zero tolerance policy, his son is suspended from school for trying to help a fellow pupil who was being bullied. The school principal, Sylvia Nash, is less than sympathetic and adopts a condescending, haughty attitude towards him until, that is, she finds herself over his knee and subject to a well-deserved spanking.

Strange Longings by Stanlegh Meresith: Set in the early 1900s, William is distraught after learning that his little brother, Henry, is to be caned for the second time within a few days. Without telling Henry, he complies with his girlfriend's plan that she - long driven by the idea of experiencing a caning - will take his place, disguised as a boy.

Island by Richard Heckler: Alan, a property developer, visits one of his own sites in the guise of a tourist. He finds two girls running a time-share scam, complete with hard sell tactics, and isn't happy about it. The girls have no work permits, so he gives them the choice of being reported to the authorities or being spanked. They choose the latter, and Alan finds the task not altogether an unpleasant one.

Meredith by Justin Maynard: Terrence and Meredith enjoy a marriage based on domestic discipline in which she is subject to regular spankings. When Terrence suspects that Meredith might becoming accustomed to his discipline he decides to mete out a much harder spanking with a wooden paddle. This turns out to be her last actual punishment and all subsequent spankings are erotic in nature.

The Audition by Rob Burton: Unable to find a job after university, Andrea visits an agency that auditions for adult films. She is told that a role is available in a CP film, but is concerned because she has never been spanked before. Finally, however, she is talked into taking a screen test, during which she plays the part of a shoplifter who is spanked on her bare bottom.

An Alternative Therapy by Michael Sharpe: Mary is a journalist hoping to further her career by getting a scoop on a well known actor. Following him, she tricks her way into a private clinic, hoping to get some inside information. As part of her deception, she finds herself receiving 'fustigation' therapy which she quickly discovers involves a lengthy spanking. Back at home with a particularly sore bottom, she receives a most unwelcome surprise...

Naughty Natalie by Paris Annette Morreau: Steve chooses to ignore the advice from Natalie's mother when she advises him against marrying her daughter, telling him she behaves like a naughty child rather than a mature adult. Some months later after they are married, Steve is forced to rethink when he discovers that Natalie has given up her studies but still leaves him to do all the housework. Taken over his knee, she is subjected to the first ever spanking from her husband.

Starting Over by Breanna Carter: Chloe has moved to New York to try to pick up the pieces of her life and get a fresh start. But when she doesn't make any progress toward her goals for a month, her friend Izaak decides that some much needed discipline is in order.

The Reunion by Tim Waugh: While walking his dog, Tim bumps into old school acquaintance Jan, who invites him to her house the next day to reminisce. After greeting him wearing her old, tight-fitting school uniform, it soon becomes clear she has spanking activities in mind.

Domestic Changes by Leigh Smith: Norma and Carl are both widowed and meet at a support group. They soon begin a relationship and eventually marry, but when Norma realizes her new husband expects to be the 'man of the house' it takes some adjusting (and a very sore bottom) to come to terms with the arrangement.

The Play by Lisa Berry: Andrea has a part in a local production of The Taming of the Shrew but it means her getting spanked on stage. On the first night, fellow actor Greg pulls her skirt up, revealing her underwear, and gives her a proper spanking, much to the delight of the audience.

A Time to Dance by Geraldine Hillis: In this moving and heartwarming story, an elderly Peggy looks back fondly on her forty years with husband Tom. She remembers the good times and the not so good; she recalls her first spanking from him and the one time when he had strapped her for lying.

Keeping up with the Joneses by W. Arthur: When Ira learns that his neighbour and work colleague spanks his wife, he finds himself confused by his feelings. His wife Briana recognizes that he's jealous. What's more, she is too, and spells out for him what will cure them both!

The Payment for Uniform Infractions by Sarah Thorne: An intense age-play story between husband and wife. When Rayna is suddenly challenged by her husband, acting in the role of headmaster, in regards to why she is out of school uniform, she is initially not in the mood. As the scenario progresses, however, and she is made to bend over his desk for the paddle, she becomes more aroused.

The Performance Review by Luna Austin: After Ruby is caught falsifying her performance review at work, she is given a 'second chance' instead of being fired. When she visits the home of the company's owner, he explains his plans to use corporal punishment if she wishes to keep her job. Much to the owner's surprise, Ruby admits to being a submissive and that her Master needs to attend the punishment session as well.
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