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The Spanked Schoolgirl: Book One
By: James Stephenson

Published: Oct 26, 2017
Words: 30,747
Orientation: MF/f, m/f
Category: school, teen
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Price: $2.99
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This volume features the following stories depicting the corporal punishment of schoolgirls:

Curiosity Hurts: Michelle Summers is an average student at school and has never been in serious trouble as she is afraid of getting strapped. However, she experiments with a strap at home, and this leads to her dreaming about getting strapped by the Headmistress. She deliberately misbehaves in class and ends up in the office of the acting Headmaster, where she hatches a cunning plan... which fails miserably, and she gets six of the best with the cane across her knickers and tights.

Cane Ratings: Mr Collins, headmaster, is undergoing a review by Mr Baker on how he deals with corporal punishment in his school. Mr Baker insists on observing two different punishments in the headmaster's office to see how well things are handled. The first student, Virginia, is caned with a fearsome senior cane known as 'The Monster'. Virginia bears it well, despite its ferocity. However, the second student, Siobhan, does not handle her bare-bottomed spanking with as much grace or dignity.

Diane at School: When four classmates suffer a rare caning after coming into possession of an exam paper, Diane confesses to the headmaster that the exam paper was in her hands first, so she deserves to be punished too. As she is a star pupil with a good record of behaviour, he excuses her for an unintentional error. But Diane has a reason to convince him punishment is deserved. A vividly depicted caning follows.

Dramatis Personae: John and his girlfriend, Jackie, have leading roles in the drama production their two schools are producing jointly. John accompanies Jackie one Saturday to copy scripts in her headmaster's office. While Jackie works at the photocopier, John snoops through the desk drawers and finds a tawse... which he manages to put to very good use.

Gambling Cure: Despite a stern no-gambling warning, five sixth formers think the rule does not apply to their poker games. They soon learn they're wrong in this assumption, and though fearful, line up for canings in lieu of suspension. To drive the lesson home, Mrs Wolfe announces that a different kind of card game will determine the number of strokes she will apply to the five miscreants.
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