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A Return to Childhood
By: R.G. Chilton

Published: Oct 20, 2017
Words: 36,453
Orientation: F/F
Category: regression
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Price: $3.49
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Following a major financial crash and a severely depressed economy, many women in their mid-20s and older find themselves jobless and burdened with very substantial debts they are unable to pay. One solution to their problems, made popular by a leading TV talk show, is the introduction of returning childhood contracts. Legally binding, these involve the women returning home to live with their mothers who take on their debt and allow them to live rent free.

But there is a different kind of cost involved as the 'returnee' women are all treated like children again, some as teenagers, some as pre-teens and others even younger than that. Gone are the power suits, stilettos, jewellery and cutting edge hairstyles, replaced by modest blouses, schoolgirl skirts, knee-high socks, sneakers and pigtails. In addition, many of the 'returnees' are made to wear reduction harnesses to flatten their breasts and subjected to other procedures to make them appear younger. Some being treated as particularly young children are given pacifiers and made to sleep in oversize cribs.

Frequent and humiliating discipline is also a common factor as the women find themselves getting regular spankings from their mothers, sometimes even bare bottomed in public places such as the shopping mall. It's all part of the price they have to pay for their return to childhood.
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