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The Stepfather War
discipline for a teenage daughter
By: Louis Woodley

Published: Oct 15, 2017
Words: 44,957
Orientation: M/f
Category: teen
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Price: $3.79
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Alison is sixteen and she's out of control. Constantly in trouble at school, lazy and sullen at home, she is disobedient and disrespectful to her mom who is doing her best to raise her single-handedly. But things begin to change when her mom, Amanda, gets a new job and forms a relationship with her boss. Mark Bryant is a widower and owns his own business; he has grown-up children and raised them to be polite and obedient... with the assistance of the family spanking paddle. It isn't long before he tells Amanda she has been far too lax with Alison. One thing leads to another, and Amanda gives him permission to discipline her unruly daughter... and so the stepfather war begins.

Alison is horrified; she hates her mom, hates Mark, and hates getting spanked. Unfortunately for her, the spankings continue as Mark attempts to show her the error of her ways. This is a story of how Alison gradually adapts to corporal punishment and modifies her behaviour, learning that there can only be one winner in the war with her stepfather - and it isn't her! Her relationship with Mark, who later becomes her stepfather, changes from loathing to respect, and ultimately to love. It takes many sore bottoms for her to embrace the fact that Mark cares for her as his own daughter and has her best interests at heart.