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Strict Stepfathers, Spanked Stepdaughters: Vol. 1
By: Jake Masters

Published: Oct 17, 2017
Words: 26,592
Orientation: M/f
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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When strict stepfathers and their misbehaving teenage stepdaughters get together, there is only one outcome: spankings and sore bottoms! This book includes the following stories:

Caroline: At seventeen, Caroline lives with her mum and stepdad. She realises she needs an authority figure in her life - and as her relationship with her stepfather improves, who better than her stepdad to give her the caring discipline she knows is needed in her life.

Leila: Sixth former Leila is attracted to Alex, her English teacher, and thinks he feels the same as there is a spark between them. But when he ends up marrying her mother, Leila is jealous and makes his life hell at home. However, Alex reaches the point where he's had enough of her behaviour, and a few well deserved spankings are delivered.

Laura: Laura recalls being in trouble at school for smoking, which was a deliberate act on her part so she would be punished. But after her caning she finds the school has contacted her parents, and it then falls to her stepfather to punish her again, with the help of a wooden spoon.

Antonia, Lisa and Taylor: Antonia, Lisa and Taylor are firm friends despite their different backgrounds. They have fun together, and get into trouble together. A day out at the races with lashings of alcohol turns sour when their antics are captured on a TV camera. They are caned at school, and have to face further punishment at home, particularly Toni, who is given a taste of her stepfather's belt.