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Camille's Hard Hand
learning how to be a disciplined husband
By: David O. Sullivan

Published: Sep 13, 2017
Words: 30,922
ASIN: B075KZS144
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $3.29
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James has the hots for an attractive girl at college, but Camille isn't remotely interested in him... or so he thinks. By his own admission, James is a bit of a wimp, somewhat shy and lacking in confidence. So when Camille spots him in the library and comes over to chat, he is delighted - even more so when she tells him he's a nice guy and she will help him with his history studies. A few weeks later they enter into a relationship and James proves to Camille that he really knows how to please a woman in bed. As things progress, it becomes clear that Camille is the one calling the shots. This is no problem for James; given his submissive nature, he likes it when Camille takes charge... even when she buys him pink underpants. But what he doesn't like so much is when Camille spanks him. He feels not only her hand, but a strap and a hairbrush on his deserving backside. The play spankings are fun, but the punishment ones are not! This is the story of how James morphs from boyfriend to a husband who is disciplined by his wife. He grows accustomed to their domestic discipline relationship, and over time actually begins to crave more spankings. Their sex life is terrific, with Camille taking the lead and investing in some interesting bedroom toys for use on her naughty boy.

Publisher's note: Camille's Hard Hand is an erotic femdom novella that includes detailed sexual scenes and anal play. Explicit punishments are administered and include corporal punishment, humiliation, corner time, and S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.