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Damson's Tale
a domestic discipline novella
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Aug 18, 2017
Words: 25,845
Orientation: M/Ff
Category: domestic discipline, teen
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Damson is sixteen when she makes the trip with her mother to their new home in Frugal Valley. She is not at all happy about the prospect of going to live in a rural village, nor is she happy that the new man in her mother's life has proposed marriage. Although Damson has always yearned for a loving daddy, she feels a simmering resentment towards Matthew Studley, and becomes a most unwilling stepdaughter. Her resentment increases when she learns more about the small community where husbands are head of the household and corporal correction is not only accepted but very much practised. It is one thing when Damson learns her mother is not exempt from spankings, and quite another when Damson herself is also subject to discipline, both at home and at school.

But discipline is exactly what the wilful and sometimes aggressive Damson needs to help keep her behaviour in check. A clever, talented and kind girl, she learns the hard way that the many bad habits acquired during her former life will not be tolerated in Frugal Valley. This is the story of her journey, understanding and acceptance of loving discipline. With the passage of time, she learns to embrace the old-fashioned values of the warm-hearted Christian community as she settles down into a happy family life, which ultimately brings a very unexpected revelation. Then there is also the added excitement of her blossoming friendship with Daniel, a boy from school...