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The Stepfathers' Spanking Syndicate
By: Lucy Appleby

Published: Sep 01, 2017
Words: 27,390
Orientation: M/f
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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What do long suffering stepfathers do with their teenage stepdaughters when they misbehave? Why, spank them of course! Seven naughty nubile teen girls have a firm friendship; they attend the same sixth form college, and socialise at every opportunity, always seeking to 'push the envelope' to see how much they can get away with at home. Their antics include general sass and disobedience, sneaking boys in to the house, not doing homework, staying out late, drinking and smoking and a host of other misdemeanours. Between them, Jim, Ryan, Mike, Steve and Joe have seven girls who are rapidly getting out of control. Jim is the first to do something about it - by introducing a new disciplinary regime for his bratty stepdaughter, Jane. When he tells the guys in the pub about his plan, they want in... and the Stepfathers' Spanking Syndicate is formed.

Getting spanked comes as quite a nasty surprise for the girls, though a couple of them actually appear to enjoy the after effects of punishment. This non consensual, slightly edgy novella illustrates how bad girls are dealt with. Bare bottom spankings become a regular occurrence, and though the bratty girls may not like it, the stepfathers sure do!