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The Female Disciplinarian
an anthology of domestic F/F spanking stories
By: Adrian Caine

Published: Oct 03, 2017 (2nd ed)
Words: 113,390
Orientation: F/F
Category: femdom
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Price: $8.99
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This 5 volume box set is essential reading material for anyone who enjoys erotic spanking fiction with an F/F femdom theme. Featuring no fewer than 30 stories totalling over 113,000 words, it comprises the following five individual publications (whose lead stories are described below) with an overall 43% saving in price:

Spanking Miss Sylvie: Carla is a professional disciplinarian for adults who feel they can benefit from a spanking and often some corner-time too. She recalls her first meeting with Sylvie, a brunette in her thirties, who had always felt the need for discipline but never had the option, until now, to experience it. Sylvie finds the whole experience rather unnerving and doesn't take her first experience of the hairbrush well - Carla has to use the strap on her hands and feet to make her keep them out of the way. When Sylvie's first spanking is finally over, she makes another appointment for the next week! Her second session with Carla involves a discussion of Sylvie's recent behaviour - which once again results in a sore bottom!

Eddington House: Jeanette has left the arrangements for college accommodation to the last minute but managed to find a house offering very low rates and some free meals. She soon arrives for an interview at Eddington House where she meets a group of women whom she really likes - but is alarmed that she will have to sign a 'Discipline Agreement' and that smoking and drinking are not allowed. She also has to be initiated as a member of the sisterhood of Eddington House - and after being stripped of her normal clothes she goes over the knee of the senior girl in the house, followed by a vigorous session with Mrs Eddington. By the time she is allowed to stand, she feels very much a part of the household!

The Hazards of Smoking: Upper Sixth schoolgirls, Alicia and Gracie, are caught smoking in the playground, and are hastily accompanied to the office of the irate Headmistress, a formidable woman with a reputation for being strict. Intent on making an example of them, she tells them to remove their uniform and to put on punishment outfits: extra-small gym knickers and short tops. To their embarrassment, as part of the broadcast morning announcements, the sound of their punishment fills the school. Furthermore, at the end of the day a caning from the Headmistress awaits them.

Carla on Top: Carla's partner, Maggie, is well over an hour late for dinner and hasn't called. Initially unrepentant, it turns out that Maggie has been out for a couple of drinks with colleagues from work, and has yet again failed to recharge her cell phone ... not to mention driving home having been drinking. Carla is furious and despatches Maggie to put on her drop-seat punishment pyjamas and stand in the corner. Maggie is required to list each of her three spankable offences before Carla begins the punishment, with the help of a wooden spoon and a hairbrush. It is a very tearful and sorry Maggie when it is over... but the making up afterwards more than compensates.

Birthday Suit: It is Carla's 30th birthday and her partner Maggie has invited a few of their friends for dinner, which the guest of honour will be attending in her birthday suit! The naked Carla finds herself subject to all kinds of sensations imparted by the selection of decadent gifts from her friends, together with five promised birthday spankings. Later, when it is Maggie's birthday, she also plans to welcome their guests dressed only in her birthday suit. It is as well that she does not want to have a pristine bottom as she earns a couple of punishments before the guests even arrive. She soon has some colour added to her outfit!