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Learning to Love Her Discipline
By: Jack Crawford

Published: Jul 14, 2017
Words: 36,864
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $3.49
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At the age of twenty-six, Andy Devonshire is a talented Art Director with a prestigious advertising agency. When he is introduced to a new client, the beautiful Argentinian, Miranda de Gimenez, little does he know the way his life is about to change. Initially captivated by Miranda's Latino good looks and voluptuous body, he quickly learns she is a formidable business woman who possesses a natural air of authority. For Miranda is poised, intelligent and confident, a woman used to getting her own way in both business and pleasure. Andy is completely unaware that Miranda is making her own assessment of him, as he has certain qualities which attract her. He is delighted and flattered when she lets him know she's interested in dating him, but he is shocked when he learns she wants to spank him.

So their relationship begins, with the beautiful Miranda training Andy how to please her, rewarding him with sex when he does. Andy hates the spanking ... to begin with ... but slowly develops a taste for Miranda's own special brand of painful (and sometimes humiliating) discipline, and the sex that follows. He begins to acknowledge his desire to submit to this magnificent woman who he has fallen in love with. But he has to undergo a series of painful 'tests' set for him by Miranda's mother, to prove he is a man worthy of her daughter. Andy Devonshire is a man with a very sore bottom!