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The Spanking Digest: Issue 19
a journal of spanking fiction
By: LSF Publications

Published: Jun 30, 2017
Words: 25,029
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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Celebrating diversity in spanking fiction, this issue of The Spanking Digest features the following stories:

Slippered by My Stepdad by Angie Johnson: When nineteen-year-old Angie returns home from college, she soon learns her new stepdad won't stand for any nonsense. Considering herself way too old to get spanked for disrespect and bratty behaviour, she is taken aback when her stepdad puts her over his knee and spanks her bottom ... on the beach, with people looking! More spankings follow at home, and on the bare bottom too. Her stepdad spanks way harder than her mom ever did, using hand, sandal, hairbrush and slipper to reinforce his point. But although her new daddy can be strict, he is also fair and has her best interests at heart ... and Angie starts to like having him around.

A Jealous Wife, Her Daughter, and a Punishment in the Moonlight by Lucy Appleby: Bella and Adam meet by a strange quirk of fate, and their relationship flourishes, even though Adam makes it clear that spanking will play a role in their lives together. Many years later, Bella becomes jealous of Hannah, their young and beautiful adopted daughter; to her shame, she engineers things so that Hannah gets punished by Adam. But the punishment isn't grounding, it is a dose of the hefty paddle while Hannah is bent bare-bottomed over the piano stool... and when Bella tries to intervene, she too finds herself bent over the stool for a licking. When Bella finally admits the extent of her wrongdoing she has to atone further for her actions... a birching atop a lonely hill in the moonlight.

Four Spankings in Three Months by David McKnight: Beth has grown up with spankings, even her mother was spanked by her father, so it is little surprise that her husband Steve also spanks her. She manages to earn herself four spankings in three months after overspending on the credit card, drinking too much with friends, then getting a speeding ticket and finally bouncing a cheque. She has one very sore bottom. Will she ever learn to behave?

A Day Like Any Other by Kirk Machs: A weary husband makes his way home in the pouring rain to find his wife sprawled out on the couch watching TV. The usual welcoming aroma of dinner cooking is not present, and he learns his wife burned their dinner as she left it on the hob while she went out driving ... and had a little accident because she carelessly drove into a sign and totally wrecked the car. Further investigation reveals that not only was she talking on her cell phone whilst driving, she was also smoking in the car. A very cross husband announces a good spanking is called for, with the fearsome Scottish tawse!

A Christmas Gift by J Wackford Colton: Recently widowed Desmond misses spanking his wife. He requests an unusual Christmas gift ... a girl to spank. His son Barry is determined to give his dad the best present ever. He hires a spanking model from an agency and sets up an appointment for her to visit his dad at noon on Wednesday. The girl who arrives is perfect, and Desmond gets everything he wanted... and more... much more than he could ever imagine.

Ellie's First Time by Guy Spencer: Ellie is alternately terrified and curious about the first spanking she will ever receive, and as the appointed time for her discipline draws nearer, she becomes increasingly nervous. But she and her partner Ed had previously agreed on this punishment in view of her repeatedly overspending on a credit card and running up a huge debt. When the time finally comes, Ellie finds the experience both loving and painful, with nothing held back from Ed. But afterwards, she is surprised by other feelings welling up within her...