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A Caning for Mother and Daughter
By: James Simpson

Published: Jan 17, 2018
Words: 25,977
Orientation: MF/Ff
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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A Very Rude Daughter: A conversation with the usually congenial Mr Dobson about the rudeness of her teenage daughter Katie and her friend Jackie, stirs Liz to rethink her 'no corporal punishment' stance. She considers it might not only do Katie some good, but herself as well. She agrees to allow Jackie's mother and father to discipline Katie along with their own daughter but first agrees to being tawsed by them both herself so she can see what her daughter is in for. A few days after the girls have been tawsed they also receive a caning from Mr Dobson. Later, Jackie's mum volunteers to be caned for her poor parenting and Liz is convinced to take the same, although perhaps for very different reasons...

A Catalytic Caning: Mother of two, Jackie, participates in a new fundraising activity at her daughter's school in which adults can pay to be caned. Along with a group of three other women, she receives six of the best from the headmistress and, later, they all compare stripes. Later in the week, her daughter (and son) both get a caning at school for different misdemeanours but are unaware that their mother has also had her bottom caned. Jackie and her husband both find that corporal punishment adds a frisson of excitement to their love life and agree to put a spanking plan into effect for their marriage.