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Tales of the Rod - Book One
a compilation of erotic adult caning stories
By: James Simpson

Published: May 28, 2017
Words: 23,252
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This compilation of erotic adult caning stories includes the following:

Painful Parking: When Caroline receives a trumped-up, expensive parking ticket, she tries to contest it. After numerous attempts to resolve the matter without going to court, she is offered a solution: a 'six of the best' caning by David, an employee of the CP Plus collection agency. Caroline and David have a strong mutual attraction, and Caroline is more than a little curious about what a proper caning would feel like...

Charlie's Angels: Allison is delighted when Charles Falshaw, conductor of the Midford Philharmonia, invites her to join the choral group. Everything is going well until Allison and a fellow soprano, Prudence, turn up late for rehearsal. Charles summons them both to his office, where they are instructed to bend over his desk and, bare bottomed, are subject to twelve strokes of his whippy cane.

The Further Adventures of Stephanie: Having been subject to a judicial caning whilst visiting an Emirate with her husband and young daughter, Stephanie needs some time to recover. When her husband sees the cane marks on her bottom, they both become very aroused and their sex life gets a tremendous boost. Some days later, back on the cruise ship, Stephanie flirts with the Captain and gets him to cane her too.

A Profitable Venture in Maganga: An entrepreneur's business venture in Maganga, a small state in West Africa that employs corporal punishment for many minor offences, is in jeopardy when his daughter runs afoul of local customs. The deal can still be salvaged, though, if the man's daughter and spouse accept a caning from the local chief and his son.

A Surprising Evening at Bridge Club: David and Jenny have been Bridge partners for a number of years, but one night Jenny makes a silly mistake during a game and, feeling guilty, won't let the matter drop. Later, back at her house, she appears with a cane and gets David to give her six of the best.