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Disciplined by His Wife
By: Jack Crawford

Published: Apr 03, 2017
Words: 45,302
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $3.79
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Eric has been married to Wendi for seven years. Theirs is a reasonably happy marriage, but Eric has a secret fantasy he dare not confess to his wife ... he yearns to be spanked. He always takes great care to cover his tracks on the computer, but one evening he slips up, and Wendi finds the spanking sites he has visited. They are all sites where men are disciplined by females. Wendy is surprised but not horrified, and when she confronts Eric with her findings and listens to him talk about his needs, she decides to take action... of a corrective nature!

Eric can hardly believe his luck. Not only is Wendi tolerant and understanding, she does her utmost to give him what he has craved for so long. She even has him setting up a special spanking room in the basement of their house. It comes as a bit of a shock to Eric when he finds out just how much getting spanked can hurt, and his clever and attractive wife thinks up ingenious ways to punish him. It seems she gets satisfaction out of their changed relationship too, because as a naturally dominant woman, disciplining her husband is no chore ... and the sex that follows is red hot. And so is Eric's bottom...