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Spanked! - Volume 2
a spanking fiction anthology
By: LSF Publications

Published: Mar 29, 2017
Words: 74,958
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $5.99
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With 75,000 words and featuring 18 different authors, this anthology of spanking fiction features the following stories:

Three Girls by Sam Stewart: Great Aunt Jane's Last Will and Testament makes for interesting reading and leads to spankings for all three of her great nieces, but for very different reasons.

First Impressions by Janine Burrell: Christy can't wait to finally meet John and get the spanking she has fantasised about for so long, but a case of mistaken identity at the airport leads to a disappointing experience. When she finally finds the right John, he is not impressed and her already tender bottom is spanked for a second time!

Danielle Elizabeth by Will Brett: Dani visits Mark at his office, but today she isn't his wife, she is in an entirely different role, that of naughty schoolgirl. She confesses her 'misdeed' and Mark spanks her, but once this part of the game is over, Dani reverts back to her usual self and the couple enjoy great sex.

Not Too Old, After All by Alice Turner: When Abby goes home from university for the weekend and stays with her friend, Suzanne, they end up getting in trouble and both get spanked by Suzanne's father.

Neighborhood Dispute Adjudication Program by Rick Marlowe: When two women neighbours start feuding they agree to attend a meeting set up by the local Neighborhood Association. Having aired their grievances, the dispute is finally settled when both women are taken over the neighbouring husband's knee for a sound spanking.

Court Ordered by Mark Stevens: Being a well-known celebrity isn't enough to prevent this young lady from being sentenced to the maximum corporal punishment possible for her offences. After an embarrassing medical examination, she is deemed fit for her strapping and subsequent caning.

Suffering Suffragettes by Rosanna Young: Being the police chief's wife and daughter doesn't save them from being arrested during a Women's Suffragettes demonstration. Initially relieved when they are ushered into the chief's office, they are both soundly spanked by him. Later, back home, his wife is made to bend over the bed for six strokes of her husband's belt.

The Neighbours by Jacqueline Scott: Following the death of her grandparents, Catherine inherits money and a penthouse apartment, though she realises that she deserves neither and feels guilty. After moving in, she discovers that her neighbours are spankers and decides on a course of action...

The Recording by M R McSpank: A young lady is intrigued when she hears strange noises emanating from the apartment above her. Overcome with curiosity, she 'bugs' her neighbour's room and is thrilled to hear him spanking a female visitor for poor grades and disobedience. When her spying is discovered, though, she is given two choices...

Late Night at the Train Station by Frankie Totz: On the way home at the train station, Ben admires the photo of a sexy girl on a billboard who is clad only in a pair of skimpy red panties. He can't believe his luck when he actually meets her on the train and she asks him to spank her!

Heaven, Heroes and Heat by Annette Parker: Overcome by exhaustion, June falls asleep at the wheel only to be awoken by a strident, warning horn. At the next rest-stop, she realises that a large, very angry trucker, a friend of her late husband, is intent on spanking her bottom hard.

Hypnotised by Frank Limadere: Pretty Laura Edwards hypnotises her husband, Kevin, into spanking her, and realises that she may have given herself more trouble than she bargained for.

No More Spanking! by SarAdora: After Spencer disobeys her husband and takes the car out in icy weather and narrowly avoids getting injured, he takes her over his lap and spanks her. Spencer is not at all happy and voices her displeasure...

Spankme86 by David McKnight: When David meets Serena at a bar he is surprised by how eager she is to flirt with him and invite him to her apartment. Back at her flat they make love, then Serena confesses to a series of problems and asks David to spank her. Only then does he discover who she really is...

Playing Around by Angie Johnson: When Angie emails her husband a picture of her favourite spanking paddle whilst at work, she knows what to expect when she gets home later that night. This is a highly erotic account of a couple who enjoy the domestic discipline lifestyle.

An Incident in Madrid by Quentin Quillis: While working away on a project in Madrid, an American consultant gets to spank a female associate with the permission, and under the instruction, of the woman's husband. But that's not all he has permission for...

Collective Nouns by Margaret Jane: Sophia overhears her boss arranging to go birdwatching with his friend, Geoffrey. She pretends that she knows about birds and goes with him, but she is soon found out. Geoffrey spanks her before handing her over to her boss for further punishment.

Judicial Snafu by Jeff Chadwick: Thirty-two-year-old Brooke is astonished to receive a belated summons to a 'correctional' session, despite never having had any brush with the law. Although she has committed no offence, she is nevertheless forced to accept her punishment and, having been restrained, is subjected to a painful session with both strap and cane.