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Women who Spank Men: Volume 17
domestic F/M femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: Mar 11, 2017
Words: 24,036
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This volume in the Women who Spank Men series contains another diverse collection of domestic femdom spanking tales:

Prying Eyes by Pamela White: Miss Robertson catches her 19-year-old neighbour, Jason, spying on her whilst she sunbathes nude in her garden, and decides to confront him about it. When she discovers that he fantasises about being spanked, she instructs him to visit her that evening. Jason soon finds himself naked over her lap where he is subjected to a vigorous hand spanking followed by a disciplinary session with her wooden hairbrush.

Footsteps on the Stairs by Alan Barr: When a young male college student returns home unexpectedly one day due to illness, he is astonished to discover his landlady, Mrs Archer, punishing a man in the spare bedroom. The experience stirs a deeply hidden desire in him but will he have the courage to ask her for the same treatment?

Put in Their Place by Peter Martin: When Paul and his friend, Ben, arrive home late after a day out, his wife is far from amused and soon has him bare bottomed over her lap for a disciplinary spanking. At the same time, Ben is subjected to the same treatment from Paul's 22-year-old daughter, Angela.

The Amazonian by Robert Price: While walking in the park, Martin regularly notices an unusual-looking woman who appears to be undertaking some form of exercise. He fantasises about what it would be like to be spanked by her, and when he finally summons up the courage to ask her, is surprised when she readily agrees.

The Telephone Table by Frank Winton: The narrator of this story gets more than he bargained for when his girlfriend asks him to deliver a telephone table to her friend, Belinda. An aspiring actress, Belinda has no problem taking on the role of Domme as she orders him to strip, then spanks him with a variety of implements.

Monday Afternoon Detention by Rob Burton: When 18-year-old Paul turns up at his girlfriend's house there's no answer but hearing noises from inside he goes in anyway. He is astonished to discover his girlfriend's mother having sex with Miss Holmes, the PE teacher at his school. As punishment for his intrusion, he is spanked by his girlfriend's mother and later that week Miss Holmes has him in detention, dressed in schoolgirl's gym clothing, and spanks his bottom with a plimsoll.

The Silence Was Deafening by Shaun Kelly: At a party Kathy is hosting, she overhears her friend Marge threaten to put her husband over her knee. Following a chat with Marge the next day, Kathy relates what she has learned to her own husband Tom. He admits to a secret desire to be kept in line by his wife in the same way and earns his very first spanking from her.