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Teenage Spanking Stories - Volume 3
By: Ryan Rowland

Published: Feb 03, 2017
Words: 21,233
Orientation: M/f (mainly)
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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This book comprises four more exciting teen spanking stories, including:

Spankin' Cousins: Cousins Ashley and David find themselves in trouble for fighting. They are forced to endure a humiliating and painful punishment but it has an amazing effect on their relationship. Following the spankings, the two of them are concerned about their new feelings for each other but can they overcome the issues?

The Inoculation: When Mark finds out that his neighbour Susan is to be unjustly paddled by the principal at school on Monday, he finds a way to help her come to terms with it over the weekend by giving her a few practice spankings. Once the actual paddling is over though, both want to carry on with the odd booster!

Jumping to Conclusions: Kevin has always liked his sister's friend Sarah. He manages to join in at her birthday spanking but then puts his foot in it. In order to make amends he buys her a gift and asks her out the next day. As she is several years younger than him they go to ask her parents' permission but they jump to the wrong conclusion! This leads to Kevin getting punched by her father and Sarah being held down and whipped with a belt. Mortified when they realise their mistake, Sarah's parents agree to let them see each other. Once alone the pair make their own rules...

A Fresh Start: Following the death of Matt's adoptive parents and his cousin's mother in a car crash, Tracy takes her hurt out on him by insulting and belittling him whenever she can. However, when Matt catches Tracy in a compromising position with her boyfriend in the barn, the tables are turned - will he take full advantage of the situation?